We  had a good trading weekend in Builth Wells at the Antique Fair. We sold steadily and made a nice profit, which doesn’t always happen but it must have been our turn,

Some of the Traders took very little and we find that is how the Fairs are at the moment, very un-predictable and patchy.  And we often gain over others because some of our prices are seriously tiny.  ‘Pocket money’ prices especially my stuff, and whereas one has to think carefully these days about frittering serious money, upwards of a Fiver can be a temptation!

Bingley is our next Fair at the end of this month and hopefully with just a bit of tweaking, we can leave the car loaded and save ourselves debating over what to take there.

And another delight of standing Builth is our B&B and John and Bernice,  who it belongs to.  I am mean about sharing this little retreat but as I have already re-book for next year, I feel that I can and should.

A lovely welcome and nice people, comfy rooms, great food and very accommodating in every way.  I could go on waxing lyrical, and I haven’t even mentioned the garden and the chickens and ducks and scenery and the pub in the village and things like the Bog Snorkeling and………….. See!

The address is;  CERDYN VILLA, STATION ROAD, LLANWRTYD WELLS, POWYS.  Telephone number, 01591, 610635.

And did I mention that it has a Railway Station and that it has proper trains that go to places like Cardiff, and is right in the heart of Welsh Wales.  A great place to stay.

My spell-checker really doesn’t like Welsh and some of the alternative words that it comes up with are quite entertaining and I was quite tempted to use some of them, although Llantwrtyd had it rather stumped but I just wanted to say that it is a lovely place.

I hope that you appreciate that I am sharing my ‘Running Away’ place, a place to go when I want to escape from my real everyday world.