I am putting off getting dressed, once I am dressed the day will start in earnest and I am not quite ready yet.

This afternoon we are off to set up our stall at the IACF Fair at Stafford Showground ready for trading over tomorrow afternoon and all weekend and we just have the last few bits and pieces to load into the car.

Fingers crossed this will be a good weekend/  This time last year it was snowing heavens hard and the Fair eventually had to be abandoned.  Wet and mild here at the moment so I am hoping for some good trading.

For various reasons this Fair at Stafford has been very unpredictable over the last few months and I am hoping that this one will be more settled and dare I say, back to some kind of normality especially as this is the last Fair of the year for us and it would be nice to finish on a bit of a high.

I suppose that I can’t put off the day any longer.  I think the saying is “Up and attem”!




Lunch time on a grey and miserable November day and so whilst I am waiting for someone to return a phone call I though that I would blog a bit.

I am severely intermittent with my blogging these days, no excuse really, just as the whim, or muse, or temper takes me.

I am toying with the idea of blogging about Brexit but really the subject is too monumental for me and my opinions!  All that typing makes my fingers hurt.

The state of the NHS, but as they have lost my paperwork for having my other Cataract operated on I feel I would have a very biased view, in more than one way!

The Mental Health crisis, Homelessness, Education, Pensioners – no, not that I don’t have an opinion on all of these things but the day is miserable enough and even thinking about them is bad for my blood pressure.

So instead I am going to light the fire (sorry about the environment) and do a bit of nice calming tapistry whilst watching afternoon television.

I shall filter out the condescending adverts about robotic armchairs or how to bury yourself and not be a bother to anyone or how to turn your house into instant cash at only twice the price!  Whilst I watch, mostly quizzes deem suitable for old people not inflamatory and easy to doze off in front of.

The opium of the masses, as someone once said, perhaps not about television but it fits!



“If I die before I wake”  –  I have cleared out another chunk of my wardrobe and found the Christmas presents that I lost about 4 years ago.

I am feeling so virtuous!

It appears that there are several stages that one, or maybe just me!  Have to go through as one gets older.

Laying awake in the middle of the night worrying about the state of ones knicker drawer is apparently one of them.

So in the hall are several bags to go to the Charity shop.  And no, not old and tatty knickers!

There is more to sort but enough for this week.  We sent a whole load of things to auction on Monday and I feel sure that the house is suddenly taller with all this clearing out (Less strain on the floor boards)!

Onward and upwards, as the saying goes and one day, I may have pared the house down so that what is left will fit into a small 2 bed bungalow.

Or maybe not!


The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the world has gone to hell in a handcart!

But maybe that is the default setting.

And talking of the default setting, a trivial problem but mine own, every time we set the television to record a programme, mostly films when we are out, we get a commentary which we cannot seem to delete.  When we start to watch a film in real time we always get the commentary but we can go in and delete it, thank goodness but not when recording,  maybe a factory set default system?

Just another annoyance really, and I  expect blind people enjoy the commentary but why have a television if you can’t see.  Go for the radio, totally geared up for listening rather than seeing and believe it or not over the week the BBC mirror many of subjects etc.  that are televised.  Perhaps not the films though?

And as at the moment I am partially sighted I feel that I can comment on the above.  I find  peculiar  (I am not sure that is the word that I need but it will do) the things that I personally find  PC or un-PC by todays standards.  In my uninformed youth it was much simpler, if you felt something was not right you didn’t do it, comment on it etc.  But then of course and I realise now, it totally depends upon your own perhaps limited understanding and today we can if we so wish, see all, although still not understand!

So basically because I am having eye problems I feel that I can comment on blind people!  But if I wasn’t I wouldn’t.

And here I am stopping, the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of all this are too complicated for me, all I can say is think and be kind!


Yesterday I made several phone calls about having my other cataract operated on.  Over the last few weeks I have enquired a couple of times about lack of a letter and the general consensus was – wait for a bit longer.  I was originally told it would be about 10 weeks between each Op.  It is now about 3 months!

But I  was fairly determined yesterday, it is not that I expect instant service but I really thought that by now I would have heard something.

And so I rang the Opticians, apparently they Faxed (The whole of the NHS runs on Fax Machines)  the right paperwork to the right place to confirm that the first eye was fine.  Then I checked with cataract central, they keep all the lists, and apparently they have received nothing!

Finally several phone calls later, and I have to say here that everyone was lovely and helpful, the right papers arrived to be added to the waiting list and I should get a date soon.  The waiting list runs at about 3 months for second eye surgery, fingers crossed.

I am lucky – lucky that one eye is fixed and that when the other is done it will be marvellous and also that I am surrounded by family and friends who have looked and are looking after me whilst I only have one eye.

Thanks you lot!




So, what happened to the write something cheerful for 20 minutes each morning?  It is never going to happen on a regular basis, life kind of inserts itself and some days just whirr away.

However with enough coffee and purposefully shutting out the real world perhaps I can retreat into the Internet for a little while every now and again and maybe that will do.

I am still wallowing in all these lovely 1930’s adverts.


They really delight me.  They are so vintage looking, that they are modern, if you see what I mean.

They really are at the tail end of using predominantly art and artist instead of photography in all its manifestations in magazines and if you look back  20 years or so from these, there are hardly any photographs in the advertisements.img339 (2).jpg

And more often than not the artwork was signed, turning out advertisements may have been how you earned your wages but never the less you were still proud enough of it to put your name to it.

img337 (2)

This Byrrh advert is one of dozens and they seemed to be of the moment, so to speak, based around whatever was going on at the time.

I suppose, dealing in old papers, magazines and books I get to see progression over the years in such as advertising and also it underlines (for me) that all adverts are idealised because of course they are intended to sell – whatever!

My 20 minutes is long over, away I go!



I read somewhere that if you write something positive for 20 minutes each day it sets the tone and your day will be cheery, or words to that effect.

Today I don’t want to write anything!  I am just writing so that I don’t have to get on and do all the other things waiting to be done.

I have a couple of good books and I just want to curl up in a comfy corner and read but if I do that by about 5 o’clock tea time I will be wittering about because I haven’t done anything else and apart from that tonight I won’t sleep.

I find as I get older if I don’t use up any of that ‘being awake energy’ I am wakeful in the night, not awake enough to do anything positive but awake enough to have to keep going to the Loo and have constant half awake dreams about horrible things.

Yesterday I sawed some logs and pottered about outside for an hour or so, today it is wet and drear which I just don’t like.

Some days I quite like cooking but not today, I feel a cheese sandwich coming on and maybe a biscuit, if we have any left.  And time to go grocery shopping I fear!

Back to curling up with my books.  I am re-reading my favourite book at the moment, it is my comfort blanket.  It conjures up Summer and magic and is a million miles away from any of the daily practicalities of my life, almost a grown up Harry Potter book.  Pure escapism and I re-read it often.  Others have blankets or bears, I have a book.

And by the by Ben Aaronovitch I love your eminently readable books and hopefully it is only about 24 hours until your latest book is released.  And then I really want someone to read it to me, one page at a time so that I don’t read it in one gulp and then have to wait years for the next one and go back to re-reading Foxglove Summer over and over.


I am being trained up – I now look at Twitter at least once a day.  I find it sometimes totally incomprehensible for my old brain and also marvel at the time it uses up.

I suppose that is because I am random, I am beginning to understand that you should pick a thread and follow it, that way it might make sense.  Otherwise it is, to me rather disjointed.  Rather like being lost in a maze of tempting sentences all going in different directions and ephemeral, vanishing at the drop of a hat.

Another thing for me to boggle at in this modern world.

When I was little my Dad made a Cats Whisker Radio and we all marvelled at its crackly sounds, we seem to have moved on a bit since then, mind you I am not sure that we communicate much better these days!

Being old, I know a lot of people around my sort of age, who won’t do Facebook etc.  because they are frightened!  Frightened of everything, security, being bullied, people being able to find out – that they are rich – poor – alone etc.

And it doesn’t matter what you say, they are scared of what might be’s or maybe’s.

I,  on the other hand am nosey so I look at these things, Facebook and Twitter.  There are other sites but to leave time for other things I can only really cope with two and intermittent blogging and antiquing and reading…………………….  and then there is real life.  It is all go out there.

And I am not nervous of what ifs.  I am getting to the stage where some days I have to concentrate hard to remember my own name and address let alone broadcast it far and wide if I didn’t want to.  Not quite but I expect you get my drift, we all have a choice!

But sometimes, Facebook in particular makes me very sad.  So much sadness, cruelty and ignorance out there and it makes me realise what an innocent person I am.  That I haven’t noticed half of what goes on for myself,

Each of us moves in a tiny circle and without something to expand our boundaries and knowledge we are going nowhere.  And you also have to admit that you can always learn, what you believed and lived by maybe for ever is not always right and things might have changed.

And yes, I know that there is good out there as well but in my innocence I expect those things.  I expect kindness and goodness from all to all – and Facebook makes me realise that it doesn’t happen and makes me unable to hide away from what I see.

So I know why people don’t look and don’t think it is far easier but we all had/have a hand in making this world and we should all stand up and be counted.

Dedicated to Sophia, age 6, get well soon, be strong and brave and know that there are many that do care.



The kittens are going home in the morning.  We will miss them, they are very companionable lap cats, nice to come home to but small and fluffy though they are, Dictators with a core of iron!

A shut door is a challenge and they learnt very fast that when a door opens there is a whole new and exciting world on the other side,  Fortunately I have enough doors that I can shut one before opening another if necessary.

Happily they have settled to our bedtime routine and generally go to sleep when we do, however no matter how dark it is getting these days, morning and ‘up time’ as Katy used to say when she was little, is between half five and six am!

“So why are you just laying there – come play hide and seek – let us trip you down the stairs with our winding ways and where is breakfast”?

And just like any small children and Robert and Sue’s dogs when they are out of sight and quiet it is best to just go and check!

Like I say, we shall miss them but on the other hand I shall be able to read my book in bed without having a kitten attached to each page that I turn and eat a meal without at least one attached to an elbow trying to swipe whatever is on the end of my fork.

And maybe I will be able to type my blog without any help with the keyboard.  Very good at keyboards Ronnie is, he sent an email to my Other Half’s friend in America last week all by himself!