1926 again, wouldn’t it be good to nip down to London and have a day browsing these shops?  I bet there were some awesome things.  We might even be able to afford some of them!  At the then prices with todays money, of course.

Fashions in antiques change all the time, although as my Other Half says, “What was rare and wonderful then is probably still worth real money today, especially if you had a good eye for quality”.

These wise words from the man who deals in Carnival Glass, however even though the Trade sneers and tells us how Carnival prices peaked years ago and it is not worth bothering with now!  There is a vibrant collectors market for it and some of the rarest pieces fetch thousands these days.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you dealers in Flat Backed China and Brown Furniture.  Pots calling kettles!

Seriously though, words of wisdom passed onto us when we started trading years ago, ‘Learn your subject, and don’t hang onto a dead loss hoping for rescue’.   Still appropriate today – keep your eyes open and keep moving the stock.

And why aren’t we rich?  We don’t always listen to good advice!!!







An advertisement from the August 1926 edition of ‘The Connoisseur’ a magazine for collectors!

For Christmas I would like a Time Machine so that I can go back and browse/shop in Liberty in 1926.  How lovely that would be.

Meanwhile nearly a century later, our Fair at Peterborough was a bit of a bust for us.  Don’t get me wrong, a fantastic, enormous feast of a fair.  The foot fall was tremendous and I loved being there, such a lovely buzz of busy-ness and some really wonderful things to see and buy.

But one of our stands collapsed, for no reason that we could see and we lost about £200 worth of glass, our hotel was average and in the end it was all rather unsatisfactory!

So we have written that weekend off and moved on.

We went to Malvern another enormous Antique and Flea market this time shopping on Monday and bought some nice Victorian glass and some magazines etc.

And then we spent all day yesterday recovering and today we are beginning to get ready for Builth Wells Antique Fair, at the Welsh National Showground on May 4th/5th.

And yes, we haven’t forgotten on Sunday next we have to deliver a boxful of glass to a Dealer at Uttoxeter.

It is all go you know – and to add insult to injury someone has stolen my ‘spell checker’ and although we argued quite a lot I do rather miss him/her.  So sorry for any ‘howlers’, perhaps he/she is just having a break!



Set up at Peterborough tomorrow, Thursday ready for trading Friday and Saturday.  A great Antique and Collectors Fair.   One of the few big, and I mean big! Fairs left and the weather is set to be good, what more could we want!

Plenty of customers would be nice,  the footfall is usually good and I don’t mind sharing a bit of profit with the other 2000 or so stalls out there.

Looking forward to it.




A lovely Fair, Nottingham Race Course Antique Fair but sadly a very quiet weekend, customer-wise and we didn’t take/make much money.

When you are busy, even just chatting to customers the time flies by but no passers-by and the day drifts slowly and by lunchtime I have usually eaten breakfast, elevenses, lunch and tea and am ready to go home for supper.

So the weekend lasted about 3 weeks and I am absolutely worn out today, I seem to be functioning but in slow motion.

Anyway as we are off to Peterborough to stand the enormous Antique Fair there over Good Friday and Easter Saturday I need to speed up and get my life in order.

The stock that we took to Nottingham needs to be tweaked and added to.  We have a different sized stall and with the constant foot fall there you need lovely things that will catch the eye and make people stop to look.  2000 stalls is a lot of competition so we need to be on the ball if we are to make money.

And apparently the weather is going to be warmer, thank goodness, however I shall take my furry boots in case the weathermen have got it wrong!

Bring your spending money and come and seek treasure.

I said that to a gentleman over the weekend and he said ” Oh, I don’t look for treasure, just the things that I like”! And that is treasure, whatever you fall madly in love with and can afford to buy.  Not Pirates treasure chests full of doubloons (as always Spell Checker and I are arguing about ‘Dubloons’, I think neither of us are sure, I have given in) just lovely things.



A blue ‘Orange Tree’ Punch Bowl made by Fenton around a 100 years ago.  A rather beautiful set of Carnival glass complete with its 8 cups.  On our stall at Nottingham Race Course today.

A nice venue, some outside and some inside and the weather is not too bad, bright but chilly.  You do need to wear your winter woollies but there are nice things to see.


Good morning, a bit freezing this morning but then it is silly o’clock again and in half an hour we are off to Nottingham Race Course Antique Fair.

Actually the weather is supposed to be nice as the day wakes up, just right for browsing all the inside and outside stalls at Nottingham.


These two pictures are the same Carnival Glass dish, called ‘Shell and Sand’.  Amazing what a bit of sunlight will do isn’t it?

Come and see the rest of our glittery glass and my old books and maps.

You would be welcome.



sowerby green 019

A pieces of glowing glass, to brighten up your day.

I threatened a blog post to solve all the world problems for today, however unsurprisingly it is turning out to be too difficult and I have to be back at the Dentist’s in half an hour so the World will have to manage with out me for a bit longer.  I am sure that no one will miss my wisdom, even if I could get it together!

And here I have to admit much as I don’t like the way that Mrs.May conducts our business, I wouldn’t want to be her at the moment – or ever!

And like all things of the now, even the picture leaves rather a lot to be desired, this is the bottom and I cannot for the life of me find the other picture with the top bit.  You will have to trust me (Ha Ha!  Not much of that around at the moment)  when I tell you it looks lovely all together!

Having scrolled through what seems like zillions of posts, tweets, comments etc.  I am torn between writing a diatribe on idiocy and cruelty or just not!

May be just writing a few calming lines on ‘antiques wot I have known’ and inviting you all to come and visit Nottingham Race Course Antique and Collectables Fair and forgetting all about the modern world and what crappy things we are doing to it, and ourselves in so many ways, will suffice.

And all day long in my head I am going to be composing – a blog that will solve all the problems and then tomorrow I shall put up a piece of glitzy antique glass and all will be …….. the same as today!


We had a lovely time at the NEC Antique Fair, Heating, Carpets etc.  A touch of gracious living, a bit glossy Antique Magazine, we could get used to it, in fact we may try it again in July.

Meanwhile, this coming weekend we will be at Nottingham Race Course.  Not quite so luxurious but a nice friendly Fair with some lovely things to buy and easy to get to with plenty of parking.

A busy week altogether this week.  We had the three dogs for a couple of hours yesterday whilst Robert (Son) and his partner Sue went off to do a few errands.  The plan is that we have them several more times so that when we have them for 10 days in June they will be used to just us!

And today we are off to daughter Kate’s.  It is her birthday today.  We are going to eat cake and get our hair cut, and do a lot of gossiping.  I haven’t seen her to talk to for a couple of weeks, so lots of catching up.

Dentist tomorrow and then Thursday get sorted for unloading at Nottingham on Friday.

It is all go, keeps us on our toes.

Be nice to see you at Nottingham.




Well we didn’t get thrown out of the Antique Fair at the NEC, our tatty magazines and newspapers and glittery glass seemed to pass muster.

And once people had got over the shock of massed ranks of Carnival Glass, and earnestly told us how it had gone off the boil years ago – they bought a fair bit.

And as no one else had the bare faced cheek to turn up with a range of 1930’s magazines and antique newspapers I did alright as well.

So day 2, who knows?  I am hoping that the novelty has not worn off and they will still be pleased to see us.

So clutching packed lunch and more magazines we are off!