At last I have reclaimed the kitchen table and filled it with Sea Charts, the Pacific Ocean, Fiji, and Haiti, New Zealand and Tasmania and a million tiny islands full of adventure and sand and sunshine.  How delightful is that?

And yesterday at Runway Monday I also bought two books published in 1936 about the Olympic Games in Berlin in that year.  Called the Hitler Games by many, the books are full of photographs, are in good condition and still have their rather tatty dust jackets.  I am very pleased with them.

Along with a book of Norman Rockwell magazine covers and some News papers and a couple of boxes of children’s books I am pretty well pleased with what I am taking to Peterborough for the Antique Fair this coming Friday and Saturday.

I don’t think that I shall be out shone by the Carnival glass, spectacular though it is.  And a bonus of standing Peterborough is that unusual for Antique Fairs it is Friday and Saturday and we shall be home Sunday to unload and start the week on Monday like normal people.

And by the by, I can already hear people saying but what would I do with Sea Charts of the far side of the world?

You could use them for collage, paper walls with them, frame them or just look at them, or maybe sail the Southern Seas!




The high tide line of Carnival Glass has receded, just a few odd little heaps of flotsam drifting around near the computer.  Either they are rare and lovely and he is just enjoying them or he hasn’t managed to put a name to them yet.

And fortunately for me the next collection won’t be available to look at until after we come back from Peterborough, Festival of Antiques Fair, next Friday 28th /Saturday 29th Sept.

Mind you, weather permitting he wants to go to Runway Monday, this coming Monday morning in Newark so there is yet potential for him to fill the kitchen table again.  We will see, perhaps it will be my turn to find treasure!

And today we are off to Kate’s to house sit and stay with the Grandchildren, kittens etc over the weekend whilst she and Jason run away for 24 hours to chill out for their wedding anniversary.  Looking at the weather I don’t think that they will be sitting in the sunshine but knowing them curled up with a good book in front of a roaring fire surrounded by good food and peace will work just as well.


The kitchen table is almost mine again.  The recently acquired Carnival Glass is almost all packed away.

Note the almost, and be aware that the hall is full of boxes of glass and also be aware that my Other Half is off in the next few days, somewhere down the Fosse Way to look at another load of glass with an option to buy!

I am resigned to the fact that he will take over the kitchen again for a few days and that every surface will be covered with glass and reference books.

I shall set up camp in the sitting room, a glass free area and thank heaven that we haven’t moved into a small retirement bungalow.

The idea of a smaller house seems sensible in the middle of winter when we are rattling around in this rather large house trying to keep warm, but in a small cosy space where would I hide from the fluctuating tide of glass?

You have maybe heard of the Space/Time Continuum! Our house is the centre of the Space/Glass Continuum!


And so, my Other Half went to the Carnival Glass AGM and sold a few pieces and then – guess what!


He bought two boxes full from another Dealer on his way out the door.


And there are more, about 40 pieces in all.

All to be washed and labelled and packed for Peterborough in a fortnights time.

I am not really moaning, there are some very nice pieces, I would just like my kitchen back really.


A lovely lazy day yesterday for me.

My Other Half went to the Carnival Glass AGM at Market Harborough. Held at the Three Swans Hotel over the whole weekend, a total immersion in Carnival Glass and the members all have a lovely time.

But as Carnival Glass is not my passion and having been a couple of times in the past I really didn’t feel too bad about not going.

Sorry that I didn’t get to see our many friends but I will see them all around the Antique Fairs and I did enjoy pottering about at home.

I would have liked to have spent the day in the garden, sawing logs and moving plants around but until I get the all clear from the Specialist about my eye I am having to be sensible.

It feels fine but just in case, I am doing as I was told for another week.  Knowing me I probably will have gone off the thought of gardening by then and I will have to find another excuse for no bending and heavy lifting!


During the 1960’s one of the places to go, in Leicester was a pancake house called the ‘Hungry I’.  A great place for an evening out, good food, and great music.  The’ Hungry I’ was owned by The Monk brothers, and the music was provided by The Monk Brothers Quartet.  They advertised it as, ‘ muted jazz by candlelight’. 

The whole place was very atmospheric, and to us then,  full of excitement.  We usually went in the late evenings, and I only ever remember approaching it through the lamp lit streets.  Down a very narrow Lane  behind the main shops, and in at a small doorway, then up the winding stairs and as you climbed the smell of food, cigarette smoke and the  sound of lovely drifty jazz came down to meet you.  It sounds rather prosaic and un- pc by todays standards, but really you had to be a teenager in the 1960’s to appreciate it. 


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This morning I haven’t  had Radio 4, the news on at all and the house is silent apart from the click of the keyboard every now and again.

I haven’t shouted at the Politicians or moaned at the weather or cried for some terrible disaster.

My Other Half has gone back to bed, he spent most of the night awake ‘worriting’ about this that and the other and is all worn out.

Some days life is too ‘lifey’ and difficult to digest in anything more than small crumbs.  Today is a day to retrench, eat cake and chill over a good book and tomorrow we will brave the world again.

Every morning I listen to the radio, the news etc. on Radio 4.  Drink my coffee and throw toast crumbs about with gay abandon,  heckling!

Gove this morning promising wonderful things of our great agriculture, maybe!  How wonderful our countryside will be after Brexit, maybe!  How good is Mrs. May, maybe!

Sadly for me I once went on a Course (many years ago) which explained how to say/write one thing when really meaning something else entirely.  It was actually about newspaper reporting and the gullibility of  readers.  So I am a cynical old lady, so bite me!

And why do we, as a nation always leave everything until it becomes imperative?  Read  history, and maybe do a bit of forward thinking.  Not predicting trends by reading  entrails and surveys but actually thinking!

And I would have liked the 50-ish Tory MP’s who met last night apparently to plot(obviously not secretly because we all know) to get rid of Mrs. May to have spent that time sorting out a working plan for Brexit and presenting that to the world this morning.

It would probably been another load of old ‘Hoo’ but would have been refreshingly interesting instead of the ‘Playground Politics’ The ‘ he said,  she said, we didn’t start it’ etc. That we have now.

Makes the blood go fizzing around though, doesn’t it?

And gives me indigestion!



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My friend Bernie put up a picture on Facebook of a pan full of homemade chicken soup, showing off her new cooker/boiler rather like an Aga but modern and eco-friendly.

I have cooker envy but something like that would fill my kitchen to the brim however homemade chicken soup is something that I can manage and so yesterdays lunch was soup and plums off the tree in the garden turned into a crumble.  And fortuitously I just happened to  have a tub of clotted cream, almost obligatory with plums.

So Bernie, it is your fault that I may have put another inch on around my tummy and I haven’t even looked at your recipe for the delicious Vegetarian Sausages that you feed us when we have B & B at your house every time we come to Wales.

Really I would like it if you could just adopt us.  Perhaps a spare set of Grand Parents is the way forward.  You could feed us delicious food and then just roll us down the hill to the Pub.

We could baby-sit your chickens!

We sold a lot of Victorian Glass amongst other things at Builth Wells and so yesterday my Other Half was on a mission to buy some more.  He likes to have a goodly amount for his customers to choose from.

We went to Uttoxeter Antique Fair at the Race Course.  There were a couple of hardy Dealers standing with outside stalls but mostly it was indoors.  Very wise I thought as there were ‘dish rag’ clouds and sprinkles of rain.

And he found some nice little bits and pieces of glass which are of course, adorning my kitchen table at the moment as usual.

We have to unload and reload the Kia over the next few days, it is the Carnival Glass Society AGM at Market Harborough this coming weekend and he likes to take a table full of his favourite bits and pieces to show them off and of course to have a full day talking Carnival Glass.

I may ‘chicken out’ unless he feels he needs me, and I can’t think why he would.  My cataract op was successful (got to be confirmed yet) but until I get the all clear I still can’t lift heavy things etc. And so still no unloading/loading for me!

When we went to Builth our mate Bob helped him do all the heavy lifting and we were very grateful, hopefully I should be back to normal for the next couple of big Fairs whilst waiting for the other eye to be done.

Maybe I could get used to just doing a little light stall titivating or maybe not,  it is rather frustrating having to stand by and watch.