The house is rapidly turning into ‘Auntie Wainwrights’ front room.  Very funny if you haven’t watched her in action in some of the really old episodes of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ you should!

She was a junk dealer and wouldn’t let people who wandered into her shop/front room out until she had sold them something!  And her goodies were piled high to the ceiling.

As are ours at the moment.  We are trying to sensibly sort out for three different Fairs.  And as you know if you read my blog very often, we are not practical, nor sensible and are definitely normally  ‘last minute merchants’.

We are trying this time but sadly for me the piles of stuff that usually fill the kitchen and hall just before a Fair have escaped into the rest of the house. The only good thing is that most domestic cleaning is now on hold until possibly the middle of December when the tide of stuff should be diminishing.  Fingers crossed!

Of course the problem is that they are three very different Fairs.

The one at the Gaydon Motor Museum for Field Dog Fairs on the 5th/6th November is by reason of its venue a rather  Male orientated Fair.  Not entirely, there are people who come just for the Antique Fair and there is plenty to tempt them.   But there are also those who come, and they are predominately men just for the Cars and get swept almost reluctantly into the Antiques and we like to take things to especially tempt them.

We love customers who are passionate about their interests.

And then the next Fair is my foray into Retro.

A totally new thing for us but reviewing our stock we realised that a lot of what we carry normally could come under the Retro banner and of course we love an incentive to go stock shopping so now we have enough for several Retro Fairs.  Lets hope all goes well on the 3rd December,  for Blitz ‘n’ Pieces at the Liberal Club, Bull Head Street in Wigston.  As are most of these sort of Fairs just a one-dayer but almost on our door step.  What could go wrong!

And then with a sigh of relief we will be back to Bowman’s Fair at Bingley Hall, Stafford Show Ground on 9th/10th/11th December with our usual miscellany of all things!

And then breathe!

Maybe we will meet you at one of these venues, all good in very different ways.


Yesterday I realised that many read newspapers on line.  That is if they read papers at all.  Mostly it seems that any news they may be interested in comes  in small bites/chunks off the internet and sometimes the television or word of mouth, basically a lot of ephemeral gossip!

That is how it used to work in the olden days, (word of mouth, not the internet of course) even before my childhood!

Something that happened in London could take up to 2 years to reach Scotland by Peasant Power and remember that old game, Chinese Whispers?

Yes,  by the time the news reached Scotland the message had probably changed beyond all recognition. The Queen’s got a cold, probably came out as something like – The palace has mould!

Of course important news, i.e. Send 600 troops to help conquer William, love Harold!  Or maybe, Down with the Monasteries, regards Henry!  Were sent first class postage, which in those days cost a herd of horses and you didn’t have to lick them nor did you have to worry about getting the head the right way up.

Oh,  maybe you didn’t know it was treason to get the Rulers head upside down on a paper stamp.  Might still be for all I know!

We are old so we still have proper newspapers.  One of its primary functions is that my Other Half has to walk to the shop and back to collect it/them (sometimes we have more than one) thus getting his  daily exercise, absolutely crucial in helping  him live forever according to our GP.

And then of course sitting opposite his barrier of news I can read all the items that reading it for my self I would probably just skim over and a bonus is that we don’t have to converse, or even communicate once that paper wall goes up.

And apart from reading them, I can wrap things in them, and light fires with them or even re-cycle them.

Or give them to a friend who is trying to train 3 puppies not to pee on the floor.  And that is the reason that I started thinking about this subject in the first place.  She has been having to resort to buying a newspaper just for them to wee on!

I bet the Ghosts of paper ironing Victorian Butlers are revolving in their graves!



As I get older I realise that I have a rather simplistic view of things.  It is a general truth that as we get older we revert to childishness,  Note the word ‘childishness’ which can be good or bad.

And of course the past, Pensioners are full of tales and homilies about the good old/bad old days.

Of course I can say all this because I am old, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, most of ‘us’ might be slightly insulted should a mere stripling remark upon this.  Not having our  wisdom and experience that is!

I can feel it coming on now after reading the news and Facebook and people’s comments.  I have some opinion about almost everything, not even necessarily the same opinion that I held last week, month or year.

I do however feel very seriously and strongly that ‘as ye sow, so shall ye reap’, maybe not an exact quote, I seem to remember reading it on an old Victorian Sampler. Perhaps some of the old useful things/standards got thrown out in the past in our haste to modernise and civilise.  Maybe!

Still even in my book a Dirty Old/Young Man is still a Lecher and to be avoided at all costs!



The Pub lunch yesterday was good, even though I only managed half of it and today I am planning Chicken Noodle soup.  A good nourishing broth, always a good thing if you have been poorly.

Actually I rather fancy Sherry Trifle with a big splodge of cream and some cake but I am making haste slowly, perhaps tomorrow!

I must be better.  I have stripped beds and cleaned carpets and dusted book shelves, a paragon of virtue!

Not actually cleaned carpets, but the laptop wouldn’t let me write ‘hoovered’  only ‘hovered’ in the sentence above?  Very silly, still a magic carpet might be just the thing!

You can tell that the Muse has abandon me, nothing at all to say today.

I’m away.



I had a Doctors appointment this morning at half eight!  An ungodly hour at the best of times.  The time of day when I like to be waking slowly with a cup of coffee but it had to be done.

The wait because even at that time of day the doctor was running late, was  compounded into my idea of Hell by the television in the corner of the waiting room blaring out American Soaps partnered by a pensioner standing under the box leaning on his shopping trolley giving us all a running commentary.

“Now watch this bit everybody, this is a good bit”  glaring around at us all to make sure that we were paying attention.  “This is the bit where his Dad tells him………….”.

Those of us with phones stared studiously at them trying to ignore the whole thing and it was a blessing to be called.  More tablets but she has promised that these shouldn’t make me ill!

And on the strength of having finished the evil tablets of sickness, we are going to the Pub for lunch.  Hooray!


The Denim jacket that I wear almost every time I go out,  I rarely if ever think about except of late that it is beginning to wear more than a little at the seams.

It is not a fashion statement.  It is comfortable, can double as a pillow, you can dry your hands on it.  Its pockets are practical and zip shut and by the magic of old denim feels lovely and keeps at lot of the weather out.

But now we have gotten to the stage where my Other Half, he of the pastel jumpers and prissy footwear brigade, has begun to notice and remark upon my favourite jacket, I too have been thinking about it.

I have worked out that it must be at least 40 years old.  It was my Mothers and then my Sisters, and mine for the last several years and sadly I have conceded and begun looking for a replacement.

Really an impossibility!  All those years of wear has, what we call ‘wunted’ it in and new denim even stoned washed and pre-worn just doesn’t feel the same.

I have come to the conclusion that it is for me like a child’s comfort blanket and really nothing will ever replace it.  I have a cunning plan that if I have a thin strip of braid/whatever,  stitched along the seams it will probably see me out.

And then in the Sunday Magazine was this article;


Which cheered my heart and I am definitely having my seams done!

By the way, I don’t look anything like the pictures, my jacket may, on someone else but it would take a miracle to turn a small, round rather rotund old lady into any of the above.

And some of those prices!  I will stick with what I have but it is rather nice to think that I am in there even briefly with the trend setters.

Which proves that if you stand still long enough all things, eventually  come round again!


I got up early again this morning and made the terrible  mistake of listening to the news!

Doom, more doom, misery and idiocy!

Which has left me feeling miserable and overwhelmed by almost everything.

Politics for instance, I am all for a bit of history, and sadly what it teaches us at the moment is that nothing changes.  No matter with what great ideals and determination most people who go into politics as a career have,  they tend to end up bastardising their beliefs for ……………., what?  The good of the party?  Money? or maybe they find it just to difficult?  Whatever,  humanity and caring just doesn’t seem to be the thing at the moment.

Where ever and whatever, there is a culture of ‘Self’, me and mine first and the devil take the hind most.

As a child I was carried away with stories about the Wonders of the World and amongst them wonderful cities like Aleppo,and Beirut to name just a couple that spring to mind.

Although I could add our own Cities that were destroyed during wars, and those in all parts of the world.  Destroyed, as they all have been by the greed and ignorance of man.

Shakespeare’s England was entranced by stories of Savages  We are Savages, in spite of our thin veneer of civilisation.

I have read this through several times and it still doesn’t really say every thing that I want it to. but I feel the need to comment and it will do.

I have more of the evil antibiotics that made me so ill last week!

This time we have worked out a regime that means that I might keep them long enough to work.  It is quite complicated and entails getting up and eating breakfast, almost immediately, along with taking the tablets all at once, a whole days worth and then drinking copious amounts of water and not laying down.  And then later on after several hours taking my other tablets, except the one that I have to leave off completely for the duration!

Breakfast and I are usually incompatible, at least until about 11ish, so that is the first hurdle and really why I am sitting here blethering on at such an early hour, for me that is.

Enough of the hypochondria, I am bored of it now.

We still have the car to unload from Peterborough and our next Fair is at Gaydon near Banbury at the Motor Museum in about 2 or 3 weeks time.  A totally different kind of Antique Fair to  Builth, Stafford and Peterborough, and so different stock is required.

Many of the visitors will have come to look at the beautiful cars and are sort of nonplussed by being surrounded by stalls of assorted vintage and antique things but hopefully by now, the third fair at this venue they will be used to it and browse and enjoy.

A newly set up Fair is always a bit of a gamble, for all concerned but I have great hopes of this one.  It has a lot going for it, more stalls this time which entails opening another Hall, people always like to have plenty to walk around.  It is in a nice position, joining neatly to the motorway system, and has nice easy and plentiful parking and a good café.  And the people who run it are helpful and friendly, what more would any one want.

Actually there was more last time.  Bargain Hunt filmed there over the weekend and one of the Experts was Charlie, I can’t think of his other name, no doubt it will come back to me in the early hours.  But he is the one who auctions cars and motorabilia and is great fun and easy to chat to, so that went down well with everyone.

Ross, of course that is his name.  Charlie Ross, not a bad life these Experts have,  he got to drive an Austin Healey and I get the impression that he thoroughly enjoyed his day.


It really is a beautiful Autumn morning, a bit on the fresh side but lovely in the sun.  I remember now, I do love this Season even though the days are shortening and I don’t look forward all that much to the Winter.

And having said that I love a cosy evening, curtains drawn and the fire roaring up the chimney.  I just don’t much like the amount of effort that the day to day things take when the weather is nasty and we have to batten everything down.

I suppose the Coalman just ringing up and arranging to bring the new Coal Bunker and a load of coal has made me think of winters and the past.  Our old Bunker was galvanised something or other and has finally fallen to bits.  We wore it out!

I am always rather impressed that I am living long enough to wear things out!  I know very odd,  but hey!  The tea caddy that we have worn the design off over the years is a perfect example.  It gives me great joy that it has been with us through many a crisis, good and bad, and the coffee jar that when we were first married I had to save up to buy.

The odd teaspoons that are all that is left of a set that were a wedding present, later taken off to University and used to fix bikes with and never seen again.  But the few that are left evoke those memories.

The towels at the bottom of the airing cupboard, nothing wrong with them except for the blue hair dye stains from when an eighteen year old dyed her hair for the first time.  I have thanked goodness many times that it wasn’t red (slaughter house red) because it took weeks to scrub off of the bathroom and at the time I was not best pleased.

And in the Attic are the family of assorted dolls that were mine and my sister’s and then with additions, my children’s and grandchildren’s and now put away awaiting another generation.  And the same with rather battered and worn toy cars and eagle-eyed action men that used to send the little girls screaming, and the  box of Lego, used by all of them  to make rockets and baby’s cots in turn.

The sewing basket and button tin, a conglomeration of mine and my Mother’s with later additions from whoever was into crafting or had lost a button, or needed a certain thing for school, or a parachute for a plastic soldier.

I love the look of a minimalist house, but I often wonder if behind the sleek facades are secret stores of just such precious junk as pleases me, and now fills me with memories.




Peterborough, East of England Antique Fair, was enormous, the weather until the knockings was kind and the crowds of customers turned up in their hundreds.  Our pitch was good, our neighbours around us nice but sadly it wasn’t our turn to take money!

Actually we took enough to cover our costs and for that we are grateful, some stall holders didn’t take that much.

The gossip, and Antique Fairs are hot beds of gossip, was that the nice weather attracted so many more outside stalls that people had spent all their money before they got to us in the inside halls.

One of the vagaries of all Fairs these days is total inconsistency but I have to admit that when we go to Fairs as customers, like Malvern with inside and outside stalls, if the weather is nice we always do the outside first.  It would be mad not to!

The next Fair at Peterborough is Easter 2017 and we have already booked.  The Fair and the lodgings!  But before then I shall seriously reconsider what I take with me.  My Other Half’s glass is a constant but my paper, books and ephemera has not been doing so well there, never really has although it has never done so badly as this time.  Obviously some more thought is needed.

Usually if I am not doing so well his glass picks up the slack and vica-versa (Spelling).  But not this time,  more work required!

But Easter is a long way away and it is lovely to be home.  And better still we don’t have another Fair until Gaydon, near Banbury in about 3 weeks time.

So we have time to sort out and settle for a while, two large Fairs in quick succession is a bit wearing and also I am working towards trying to fit in a local one day Retro Fair sometime soon.  A new venture for me which I am quite looking forward to.