I have just done my daily (self set) penance.  Raking leaves off the grass in the garden.  It is a bit like that man, Sisyphus!  Doomed forever to roll a stone up a hill over and over.  I just hope this is gaining me ‘Brownie’ points.

I bet you didn’t know that as you are raking you can hear behind you, more crisp leaves tumbling slowly down.  I am convinced that they are giggling in tiny ‘Alma Cogan’ voices.  Or maybe that is just me, delerious with the constancy and tedium.  It seems that this year has had and is still having a very long leaf falling season.

And here I must admit that it is not usually me that clears leaves.  Normally I gaze out on a sea of crisp leaves one morning and the next they are gone.  All thanks to Geoff who looks after our lawns and looks as if he is going to cry every time we and the dogs ruin them.

Geoff is what our Antique profits pay for but he has been poorly and now gone on a Cruise and I don’t want him to come back to a metre high sea of leaves to move. that wouldn’t be very fair now would it?   And I want him to know that we appreciate him, even more now!

And so I do need to remind you all that Geoff’s wages are dependent  on our Antique selling profits (I may have mentioned this before)! So we shall be at IACF Antique Fair at Stafford Showground 13/14/15th December and we do have some lovely things to tempt you into spending.

Come and see us, think of the garden, think of Geoff!



img447 (2)

Part of the centre pages, it wouldn’t all fit on the printer! Of ‘L’Artisan Pratique’ a 1930’s magazine.  I have a few of these they are full of diagrams of wood carving and embroidery designs and all very 1930’s, some remind me very much of the Stained Glass that adorned the houses of that time.

I shall have them on my stall at the next IACF Bingley Hall, Stafford Showground Fair in December.

It really is a drear day today and been raining since first thing.  These are the kind of days that a nice cheery indoor Antique Fair is just the thing, so bear us in mind on December 13th/14th and 15th December.  You could even start/finish your Christmas Shopping with us.  Be nice to see you.

img446 (2)

10 days in the sun, 1,000 fr, best Hotels only problem is that you would have to travel back to January 1933.  But on this very wet, cold November day that sounds like heaven as I huddle over my computer wearing several layers of winter woollies!

Some more French 1930’s magazines for my Stall, ‘Le Mirroir Du Monde’.  I have quite a few nice bits and pieces to take to Bingley Hall, Stafford Showground in December, the 13/14/15th.

Some maps of Rugley and surrounding areas as well and my Other Half has some new glass to show off, we are looking forward to it especially as this is the last Fair here of this year and there is not another planned by the organisers until March next year and sadly that clashes with two other Fairs that we like to stand.

So we have some decisions to make when sorting next years calendar.

And if we don’t see you before ‘Merry Christmas to you all’ and who knows what the New Year will bring, the only certain thing is change – for the better we hope.x


The dogs have gone home, I already miss them!

They are hard work, messy creatures but so nice (as long as you are not on their list of definite ‘no’s).

I shall miss playing football, in the rain.  Watching the television with three snoring dogs, sharing my toast with them in the mornings.  They are very companionable, they tip their heads on one side and listen when I am pontificating and lie around the kitchen waiting when I am cooking and apart from Daisy never criticise the results.  She really doesn’t like sloppy stuff!

And now they gave gone just leaving fading muddy footprints behind them.

And I suppose laying in bed in the mornings, when I wake and reading a few pages of my book compensates.  They may come again in January for a weekend, we should just about have finished washing the rugs and covers by then!

Meanwhile I have no excuse for not finishing sorting the swathes of books still decorating every spare piece of floor space around me at the moment.

Get on with it woman!



I am a pensioner – it is my job to moan but there is so much that I disapprove of, that I think is just out of order in our world today that I am spoilt for choice!

Would it be too much to ask that people think about what they say.  I was going to say on the Internet but actually – anywhere.

A bit of kindness, tolerance, caring wouldn’t come amiss.  From the top of our system down to us lowly beings at the bottom of the heap.

We don’t have to follow blindly, like sheep is the saying but actually I have met sheep with more nous than many of the people spouting out at the moment.

I  am done – I am saying no more today, otherwise I may sink into ‘Fish Wife-ery’!  A very bad thing my Mother used to say.

So enough!




IMG_1041 (2)

This is Daisy, one of our house-guests this week.  She and her brother and sister have settled nicely into our OAP routines again, dozing in front of the television all evening and then waking up at 6am for breakfast and then another little nap!

She is looking a bit serious but then I woke her up to have her picture taken and I wouldn’t let her hold the camera.  She is a great ‘chomper’ of small electrical things.  Apparently they make a satisfying ‘Crunch’!

My house faces a busy road, and we are on a bus route which all adds to the entertainment.  They hates prams and delivery lorries, and hordes of school children mostly.  however a couple of the things that they really object to, small dainty dogs on leads and postmen.

For most things that they disapprove of they ‘Uff’ but for the last two we get a full on ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ baying – in triplicate.

No one is going to break into this house this week




We have only got one more Fair booked to stand before Christmas.  Bingley Hall, Stafford Showground, 14th/15th December.  We don’t have a good track record of making money at this particular December Fair, the last few years the weather has been against us.  So I am fingers crossed that we don’t have blizzards or floods especially as I have some lovely new bits and pieces to put on my stall.

Then Fair-wise that is it until next year.  It doesn’t seem five minutes since we sat with our diary trying to sort out venues and dates for the new year and here they are all used up.

And as always we plan to leave ourselves a few weeks gap in the Summer to just get in the car and do a bit of wandering –  down the East Coast we thought this year.  Visit some old haunts, perhaps fill the car with a few nice bits and pieces and stand a few new Fairs on our travels.

Every year we plan this and then we tie ourselves up with so many of our usual Fairs and such like and actually only manage to steal a few days here and there but this year I am determined!

We have a plan!  Lets call it Plan ‘A’ and my only other comment is – We are terrible at Plans!


img445 (2)

Blogging!  An ugly word but a useful thing – for me.  I find that when I need an excuse to pause in the ritual of getting the day started, I can sit in front of the laptop with my cup of coffee and unpack my thoughts.

You don’t always get to see them, my thoughts are not always useful – see I have used that word twice now.

Years ago my daughter made me start a Blog because she said it would be ‘useful’ for advertising my Antiquing exploits and so coming up to standing a Fair I feel compelled to sit and write something’ preferably of some use.  See what I did there!

We shall be at Uttoxeter Race Course, this coming weekend standing with our books and glass, hopefully tempting you to come and to buy.

See how ‘useful’ we are, loads of things such as the lovely story book pictured here, which would make good Christmas gifts.

And not just us – many, many stalls to browse and shop,



img444 (2)

Firstly – thank you for all the good wishes we have received.  It seems a bit fraudulent to accept them as actually, staying together over all these years has not been too difficult really.  It just happens – and I am not sure that we understand each other any better now than we did in the beginning but we are two halves of a whole!

Enough,  one can labour a point too much!  Lets get back to business.

We are at Uttoxeter Antique Fair this coming weekend hence the Norman Rockwell print.  Of which I have many, printed for calendars and surplus to requirements.  Only a couple of years old of course although the originals date from the 1930’s to 1950’s.  I love his paintings of American life, not always humerous but really human life that we can all relate to in some way or other, or at least I can.

The one I have chosen to show for this post is very self indulgent, it is my Grand Daughter Tilly.  Not really of course but it is her to a ‘T’, determined, always in a rush and she usually has a spot of paint or a smudge of charcoal somewhere.

I shall probably keep this one, the rest will be on my stall at £1 each, they would make good Christmas gifts, come and have a browse.



50 years – gone in a flash, amazing!

5th October 1969, our wedding day, a blur of a lovely day, a bit like life.

Here’s to the next 50 years, lets take it a bit slower this time. xxxx