This is the picture that I have put on my Facebook feed this morning.  I thought that someone who isn’t on there might just be interested in a complimentary ticket for the Fair in Wales next weekend, or indeed anyone really.  Seems a shame to waste it.


And these subsequent pictures are what I have posted over the last week or so, mostly of things that we will be taking with us to put on our stall.


Uranium glass, Victorian made by Westmoreland in USA, glows vivid green under a UV light.


Davidsons, Cloud Glass candle holders.  Lovely inky blue.


Time to stop, when the pictures start coming out upside down, however I shall have a few of these Sea Charts with me and some Aeronautical maps all hopefully the right way around.

So it would be nice to see you at Builth Wells, next weekend, come and say hello and should you want my spare complimentary ticket just message me.

Very late blogging today. it is now afternoon already.

Most of the morning got used up on the mundane and the rest on looking up Victorian glass.

I thought that if I joined in sorting my Other Half’s latest acquisitions I would get my kitchen back to myself all the quicker.  My Dad used to say “You know what thought did”, and I do “got no where”!

No sooner have we cleared the table than another lot appears, as if by magic and so I have left him to it for a while.

I still haven’t worked out how to download photos straight from my camera through the new printer and into my picture files so that I can download the pictures onto my blog etc.  Every thing else I can make work but at the moment I am having to print the photos and then scan them  back into the computer files.  So that is what I am supposed to be sorting but instead I am sitting here blogging!

I did enjoy watching the Bake Off last night and as much if not more watching the programme after it about Nadya, last years winner going visiting her relatives in Bangladesh.

Really got to go now, otherwise the whole day will just be frittered away.

Things to do and places to go.





I sat down to blog an hour ago, and then I looked at the clock and realised that I had to dash off.

An appointment with the Vampire down at the Doctors, just checking for this and that!

My theory is that if the system can keep pensioners busy with intermittent ‘be there or else’,  it will keep us all (pensioners and Vampires) busy and off the streets.

And lets face it, think how long the diddering queues at the super market check-outs and post offices would be if they didn’t keep us all busily elsewhere for large parts of the time.  And of course now we have retired we don’t have anything else to do with our time!

After all there is only so much Age Concern Bingo even an old person can stand, even one with dimming faculties.

Our desk calendar is littered with random dates, check your blood pressure, eyes, ears, width etc. And G… forbid that they should do these things all at once, or even maybe start with the problem you went for originally, probably indigestion!  They have you in their clutches and are always reluctant to let anyone of retirement age escape.

And when you get there, wherever, and have waited for hours (I usually take my sewing, and a book, and a snack) and finally get to face the inquisition, for that is what it feels like!  They look you in the eye and using your best Sunday Name that no-one except your Mother ever used,  tell you things that mostly you can’t remember at all afterwards,  in your relief to escape and get home!

I am not keen on being a Pensioner, but maybe you guessed!



Good morning, although I have to admit that it is almost lunch time.  It has taken me a long time to get moving today.  A combination of waking very early to the sunshine, just reading a few more chapters of my rather good book and generally drifting about.

I had a lovely day out with Tilly.  Once we had collected her exam results (which were as expected and well adequate) we gossiped and giggled our way around the town enjoying old haunts and some new.

We had lunch at Delilah’s, near the Cathedral and scrummy it was too, and the service there is good and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.

We browsed the new Chocolate Shop on  the way up to the Cank Street picture gallery and bought bars of expensive chocolate for the little kids left at home and fell in love with some rather nice little quirky pictures on display in the gallery.

And a million other things and places, it was a lovely day although I must admit my ankles and calve muscles are gently complaining today.  I shall have to get into training, pounding hot pavements before the next Birthday, Oscars in October.

And on that note, Oscars Birthday, I was delighted to see that there is a new toy shop opened on the High Street looking large and tempting especially for small boys,  Tilly and I thought when we looked through the windows.

A joy to look forward to then!



Between us we cleared away most of the glass from the kitchen table last night before we went to bed and do you know what?  A whole new lot has turned up this morning.

Some nice pieces but rather sneaky I think!  Although he did make the coffee, so I forgive him.

And now I look around there are still several bits from the last box full still loitering awaiting labels.

I shall ignore it all, I am going out for the day anyway.  Hopefully with Tilly.  We still haven’t had her Birthday, Granny Day yet due mostly,  to her busy social life..

We are giving her a lift to pick up her exam results and if she wants moving on to Lunch and frittering a little money.  And if not I am quite capable of frittering money by myself.  It is a skill that I have never had any trouble with.

She (Tilly) was 17 years old in June. a young woman now.  I still can’t quite believe it, where did all those years vanish away to?

And best of all she is still utterly lovely.

Not a paragon of virtue, her bedroom is the  ‘Pits of Hell’ for which she is always in trouble and she is very absent-minded, not like me then.  But she is kind and caring (long may it last) and at the moment on a mission to save the world,  bit by little bit.

And as we all know ‘A little is better than none’.

From what I understood when my Other Half came in from the football match last night clutching his programme, paper clapper and poster, Leicester City v Arsenal was a nil / nil draw, his analysis, a better game than last weeks but a few dubious decisions from the Ref!  I went to bed with my book when ‘Match of the Day’ came on,  he has to re-watch just in case the result changes (by the magic of tele) and Leicester win after all!

My intended plan,  when left alone with the television for those couple of hours was to clutch the remote and watch bits of all the programs that I like whilst embroidering.

Under normal circumstances the television and remote are generally controlled by Himself!  However what actually happened was, I ate a Chocolate Brownie and fell fast asleep, waking up when he came home with a Fish and Chip Supper.  No wonder I am putting on weight but it was good, the Brownie and the supper.

Today, we are still in the throes of washing Victorian glass, the collection that he went to the Wirral (what a lovely word, Wirral) in the week and bought.  The kitchen table has once again vanished under the glittering load and already I am twitchy about getting my kitchen back to myself.

That is another thing that I have recently discovered, Fact No.10,000 about being a Pensioner, some of us are very territorial about our space.



It is nice to be home again after a week of perambulations.  I spent all afternoon yesterday pottering around the kitchen.

We are in the middle of washing what seems like a 1000 pieces of Victorian glass, actually there are about 300 I think.  My Other Half went to the Wirral to buy a collection and came home delighted with it all.  And I must say that it makes a nice change from Carnival Glass.

And in between the washing of glass, I made Cakes and finished off the cooking of  what turned out to be a rather nice Chicken Curry.

I don’t always get the cooking bit right but yesterday the Gods were obviously with me and I even managed a rather tasty loaf.

Grilled chicken and salad today!  I am not pushing my luck.

And my Other Half is going to watch Leicester City play against Arsenal, football of course.  But the kick-off is not until 5-ish this afternoon, so maybe we will have an early lunch and a late supper, who knows?  Apparently the times of the matches are dictated by the TV company, to suit their filming schedules!

Dismal and wet this morning when I got up.  The weather not me but now the sun is shining and I might even get yesterdays washing (clothes not glass) out on the line for a bit of a blow.  A joyous sight I always think, clean washing blowing in the wind.


We have had a busy few weeks.  Buying and selling (hooray) Antiques and cat sitting and generally enjoying the Summer.

Even today, gray and drizzly as it is, it is still warm and I just love warm.

I have said it before and no doubt I shall say it again in that pensioner-ish way but our old 1930’s house was built for the Summer weather.  And I would appreciate it if someone could remind me of that when I am moaning about the Winter draughts.

We went to look at a shiny, practical development of flats and houses yesterday.  Sanity says that we should be seriously thinking about them.  Small and neat, no maintenance, no gardening, near to civilisation etc. But we can’t do it, we would be trapped and die of boredom.

And to be honest it is not as if we throw ourselves into the domestic chores of keeping house but we do enjoy our own space, tatty though it may be.

So sorry kids, ‘gird your loins’ for when we can no longer cope with our little kingdom.

One day all this will be yours!


The weather here has been glorious, all week I have been practising living in a warm country.

Another two or three weeks and I shall have the hang of it.

What a difference it makes.  Life is so much easier when you don’t have to batten everything down against the cold, wind and rain.

Just a mere warm zephyr of summer breeze through the open windows, blinds half drawn against the strong sunshine.

Oh. The glory of it.

Sadly now that I have mentioned it I suppose it will disappear!

I do so hope not.  I have got used to sitting on the cool, shady veranda sipping ice-cold water and reading my book, radio 4 faintly playing in the background.

And watching the birds bathing in the bird bath and bringing all the newly fledged baby birds down to teach them the lores of the garden.

Proper Summer.

So the sun is shining, I’ve made scones, cheesy ones and plain ones for lunch.  The washing is blowing on the line and the only cloud in the sky, metaphorically speaking is that Hunt is still in charge of the National Health Service, still we can’t expect miracles!

This politics lark intrudes everywhere don’t you think, maybe we should just go back to having General Elections once in a while and them just ignoring us all in between.

Can it be good for our ( combined) blood pressure to be constantly faced with all this brain destroying thinking and commenting.

Although thinking about it according to the many Gods of Face Book/Twitter,  there are loads of old and decrepit people (of my age) who don’t have any brains at all and we shouldn’t be put through the stress of politics at all.  How thoughtful!

Oh, sorry I wasn’t going to lower myself and get into all this back biting nonsense.  But hey!  Who could resist?

Not me obviously.

Any way I really don’t want to over stretch myself, I am off for a nap in front of the tele.  Might just be in time for Bargain Hunt if they haven’t taken it off for the Special News which seems to last most of the day at the moment.

Oh before I go,  yes Mr. May did look quite fetching in his tasteful suit, just the right length and crisp shirt, he will make a good consort I think!


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