Feeling a bit ‘blue’ this morning.

Probably because I have to go to the opticians again and do that silly ‘periphery test’ that I failed at so badly last week.

And it seems that almost everyone on Facebook hates everyone else.  It is a nasty, sad old world out there.

And the damned NHS! And allied reports etc. Are still almost un-readable for us lesser mortals because they are full of incomprehensible acronyms.  And I would like to a least be able to skim read them without tearing my brain out!

And then there is the news.  Nothing good!.

And I have to go to the Supermarket.  Life is just not fair!

Tomorrow is another day, thank goodness!

You always know things are bad when I break out into a rash of exclamation marks!


Kate’s 10am appointment at the Hospital turned into a day long marathon however it (fingers crossed) seemed to have been, maybe worth while

They listened, asked pertinent questions made a plan of action, that didn’t entail any of the pills, coils, tablets etc, that have been pushed at her and failed over the previous umpety years.

We had to sacrifice lunch, arrange for my Other Half to pick up Oscar from School and sort out food for us and everyone else when we finally fell through the front door at about 5pm but I am not complaining.  We are hopefully a step further along the way.

Basically they have decided to put her hormones on chemical hold for 4 months and have a look at what they are actually doing.  She was warned that it might be unpleasant at times, like having the Menopause all at once in a short few weeks but it may well be worth it and she was just delighted that at last someone had listened and understood.

That morning the Specialist was running 3/4 hour late and very apologetic when we finally saw her,  then we had to fetch the injections from the Pharmacy, a twenty minute brisk walk to the other end of the Hospital and queue for half an hour.

On the way back we bought sandwiches, in place of the lovely lunch that we had promised ourselves and then sat and waited  in the Emergency Gyny Ward for someone qualified to administer the first injection.

And waited,  they were rushed off their feet, short staffed and as it turned out had no cubicles left to put any one in so the waiting room was full of women most of them in pain, some grey faced and some clutching hot water bottles to their bellies.

Sometime later one of the nurses came and explained that when they opened our sealed box the ampoule was smashed and as the box was totally dry it wasn’t broken recently (so it wasn’t them or us) and they had dispatched a student back to the pharmacy to get it exchanged but that it might take some time!

Finally at about 4 o’clock they gave Kate the first injection, it took 2 minutes and some of those poor women were still sitting in the waiting room, waiting when we left.

We felt rather guilty to have taken up the little space and time that we did, even though it has actually taken my daughter coming up to 20 years to get someone to listen to her and take her seriously and not to automatically hand out the Pill and platitudes!

I wonder if the fact that this has been the first time that Kate has ever seen a woman Specialist/Doctor in all those years has anything to do with the fact that they are actually doing something now?

Maybe just me being cynical again!

That will teach me to be so complacent.  Yesterdays blog came back to bite me on the bum!

Yesterdays Specialist at the hospital was the big Boss, and decided that he needed to check me over from head to toe, and all the corners!  Serves me right.  Reassuring though, he was pleased with me and doesn’t want to see me again for 6 months, Hooray!

And as a reward we spent a pleasant evening at our neighbours house (always a haven of peace and tidiness, unlike my own hit and miss domesticity) drinking Prosecco, which I find I can’t spell – Spellchecker has suggested ‘Prospero’.  I like his Shakespearean style but he obviously doesn’t read his wine bottles before he indulges either.

And today I am off for more NHS excitement with Kate, her turn for some un-dignified examinations today, and with my wealth of recent experience I am just there to hand hold.  We shall both be pleased when it is lunchtime and we can escape for a nice lunch somewhere.

We have to be gone in about 5 minutes to brave the Rush Hour traffic.  Our usual  30 minute journey  across the County to Kates could take an hour and a half at this time of day.  Just think that if we were serious about it and it was an hour later, in that time we could be in London, or drinking coffee in Stratford, home of the Bard, or well on the way to Wales!

I would like all or any of the above, just have to save them for another day.



A gloriously sunny morning.  Who would have known after all that grey rain yesterday?

I managed to clear out another corner of the garage yesterday, most of the boxes are now piled on the kitchen table.  It is another of those ‘slot A into slot B’ situations.  Still the garage is beginning to look good!

And a good job really, that we didn’t go buying yesterday morning otherwise that would have been another layer to add to the teetering heaps and I must admit most of it, books etc. are mine this time.

The house is usually festooned with my Other Half’s Carnival Glass –  perhaps I should have whispered that, I don’t want to encourage him, although perhaps with my stuff all over he can’t find  space to spread his.

And I ruined a perfectly good dinner yesterday by not concentrating on the job in hand.  My multi-tasking abilities failed miserable.  How it is possible to ruin Macaroni Cheese and Bread and Butter pudding?  Easy really, you just get involved in sorting piles of books and magazines and don’t listen out for the timer!

Fortunately we are used to the vagaries of my cooking, we just ate the edible bits and threw the rest to the birds and they,  also used to my mistakes circled the offerings cautiously.

This afternoon I have an appointment to see my Specialist at the local hospital.  She inadvertently made me laugh so much last time I was there.  When it came to the ‘strip and examine’ bit she gazed into my eyes and carefully explained that she would pull the curtains across and lock the door so that it would be perfectly private!

I hadn’t the heart to tell her that my other Specialist,  for a different but allied problem,  I see at a teaching hospital and as far as I can work out everybody and the dog,  comes to gaze at me in all my glory.  Sometimes they even put pictures up on a screen so that those on the back row can examine me, once removed in great detail.

Good job that I am not a shy retiring flower!

We are supposed to be going treasure-seeking this morning.  ‘Runway Monday’ at Newark but I am ‘chickening’ out, the weather is damp/wet with a sharp breeze and how many dealers will there be braving this weather tough though they are I can’t imagine?

They are all outside stalls,  up and down the runways, so there probably aren’t going to be that many books and bits of interesting paper that haven’t got soaked/ wet through or just plain blown away on the wind.  Glass and pottery doesn’t care about the weather and old furniture is often improved by a bit of damp – it tightens up the joints and washes off the dust of ages but paper no!   That is how they invented ‘Papier Mache’ you know,  we will go another day.

And my Other Half has a touch of gout again.  He is very prone to it, in spite of being a man of ‘Puritan’ tastes.  Almost teetotal, not keen on rich food, doesn’t eat a lot of cake not like me then and I don’t get gout but it is in the genes you know, inherited from his Dad.  I got a touch of arthritis and a cynical way of looking at the world from mine!

So we have a Monday to ourselves, a bonus really as the rest of the weeks calendar is rather full.

Later I shall light the fire and we can have Macaroni Cheese for tea, always a crowd pleaser!







I am feeling quite proud of myself.  I think that I have conquered the annoying technology of the camera and managed to cook a full golden and crispy with lovely gravy roast dinner on the not quite so new as it was cooker.

Hooray for me!  Although I am quite aware that pride comes before a fall so I am writing this with my fingers crossed.  Not easy but probably necessary for the next little while.  I don’t want my luck to run out too soon.

And, yes there is more, I have sorted out a whole boxful of stuff to take to our next Fair at Peterborough although we still haven’t unloaded the Kia from the last Fair at Stafford.  But slowly, slowly, we usually get it all done in the end, if only by the skin of our teeth.  So I am a bit in front of myself, at least for now.

I went to the opticians yesterday and I am pleased to say that my eyes haven’t deteriorated too much and I can keep the same prescription, at least for another 12 months.  But just as I thought I could escape and get some shopping done they decided that I should just do what they called a ‘Fields Test’ to check my periphery vision, never had that done before but said okay.  A nightmare, and it took forever and I failed and have to go again next week to do it all over again.

If you have never had one the machine resembles a computer monitor.  You rest your head on the bar above the screen and focus with one eye covered on the red dot in the middle of the screen and then press the button each time you notice what they called a dot.  After about 10 minutes I realised that what they called a dot was a tiny flash on the grey screen so I had missed probably dozens of them and apparently you have to get about 60 of them and then you swap to the other eye and do it all again!

I failed dismally, for a start I was looking for a coloured dot, not a flash which I just thought were interference on the tape,  silly I know but that’s me.  Then after what seemed like forever I kept forgetting to concentrate and after a couple of minutes of worrying about where I had put the shopping list I realised that I had missed a whole load more.  And waking up this morning I have a faint bruise on my forehead from where I rested my head on the bar.

We all sighed when I stood at Reception making another appointment, me, the optician and the receptionist and they watched me out the door making sure that they had got rid of me for at least another week.

Do I need periphery vision? I have cataracts, I can’t see anyway,  I have almost given up driving altogether still I suppose if someone is creeping up on me it is good to know.  They might be out to steal my handbag not that I ever carry one these days and when I did it was usually full of old lists and receipts and small packets of salt and the odd useful pencil that I pocketed from Ikea!


Wednesday evening was a lovely combined ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ treat.  Every year I am delighted to be remembered kindly as it reaffirms that I have not been too evil in the previous year or at least that they have forgiven me!

But Wednesday was special in many ways.  For a start we had our two children to ourselves and it isn’t often that happens.  Don’t misunderstand, I love my Grandchildren and Son-in-law,  and Robert’s friend Sue etc. But it was lovely to sit and chat with our children and they were able to be just themselves.

And they are good company.  I know I am biased, they are mine and having said that, I don’t always agree with their beliefs and opinions, but they are nice kind, caring people, not saints but just what I dreamed they would be when they were born.  Aren’t I lucky?

The treat was a 9 Course tasting menu at Glynn Purnells Restaurant in the middle of Birmingham.  I hope that I have  spelt his name correctly because his cooking was a delight along with the un-obtrusive service and the beautiful calm surroundings.  Even birdsong in the lady’s loo and Pecksniff toiletries, worth being there just for that.

And I appreciate that they both had to tear about all day just to make time to pick us up and fight the rush hour traffic into central Birmingham, a nightmare in itself.

And I thank them, for being them and loving us.

I have put off writing this blog, very sentimental and soppy by my standards but pride won out.  I am so proud of them both and it needed saying.

Love and kisses.



Woke up this morning and thought “Oh no, thick fog” then I realised that it was brilliant sunshine trying to get through the mucky bedroom windows.  So guess what is on the top of my to-do list, doesn’t mean they will get done soon though.   All my lists are on a constant revolve.

But how nice to see even a glimmer of the sunshine, and opening the curtains yesterday a rather sleepy Ladybird dropped onto the window-sill, all signs of Spring.  The days are really noticeably drawing out now and at the end of this month we alter the clocks, forward, how cool is that?

I know that we probably have more winter weather to come yet, I am not going to even think about that, I am busy enjoying what we have now.

And tonight we are out with Uncle Robber and Kate, for a lovely meal with good company, how nice.

A really lovely day to use up, I am off to do stuff and things etc!



Just been talking to Kate (daughter).  She spent all yesterday morning at a meeting about the NHS locally.

She got involved with the whole thing when she was campaigning to keep her GP’s surgery open, probably 18 months ago, to no avail I must add here and now the Surgery that the ‘Powers that Be’ transferred her to is under threat of closure too but that is the norm for around here, Leicester,  Leicestershire and probably the rest of the country as well.

Her meeting yesterday was also about the norm, lack of beds, staff, too many Pensioners, what to do/not to do about Mental Health, lack of Social Care and etc.  Full of Acronyms and repetition and the ill-informed.  Usually working on out of date figures and usually fearing to tread off of the well beaten path.

And these people will happily sit around a table and discuss things ‘ad infinitum’ unless prodded with a big stick,  that is generally as far as it goes.  She took a stick with her and maybe things are moving on – slowly!

For a Pensioner, I sound as if I know what I am talking about don’t I?

But then I’ve been to a few meetings myself in my life time and what I would like to remind “The Professionals” so-called of any of the things that are to do with us (and in this sense meaning the general population)  that just because one becomes old not necessarily are we all daft!

And to any Pensioners out there a gentle reminder, you have to start joining in at least some these debates now, not wait until you are in dire need.

Read everything, listen to all, question all and believe some not all of it, be cynical like me.

Don’t stop joining in just because you are old!


Hope you had a Happy Birthday Helen.  Just thought I would mention it.  (She reads my Blog in the early hours when she can’t sleep).

We had a nice weekend, but a bit weary this morning.  Four days of hard work, catching up with me and it always takes a couple of days to get back to our normal routine of sloth.  And this week the calendar is rather full, good things but fairly constant.

On Wednesday evening we are being treated to a meal at Glyn Purnell’s Restaurant in Birmingham.  Uncle Robber and Katy are treating us for Mother’s and Father’s day, a Michelin starred Chef no less, I am really looking forward to it.

And compared to the splendour of that the rest of the week seems very mundane.

A lovely sunny morning here and if I were an efficient woman, I would already have the first load of washing blowing on the line.

So I am just nipping off to put the washing machine on!