Along with the temporary acquisition of three real dogs I have been delving into the world of subwoofers etc.

When we married in 1969 my ambition was matching china/pottery and cutlery my Other Half’s was a wonderous stereo system.  A Garrard Deck for instance., a state of the art box of tricks and speakers to match.  My only thoughts on the subject were that the damned wires trailed all over.

As time went on we rather coveted a B&O system, even I could hear the lovely mellow sounds but instead we had children,  very expensive and never after that could we drum up the spare cash.

My Other Half carefully wrapped and stored away his original system when our children were small (in the attic as we speak) and through successive musical eras we have bought whatever/whenever to play what was our kids latest fad/crush.

And now Rob and his lady have moved in we have gained all her Fathers stereo things.  He was an expert and never threw anything away, hence the delving into Woofers and speakers etc.  We are hoping to get rid of some of them perhaps turn them into a lovely modern music system for their new house.

It is a steep learning curve and I am plodding onward.

However, I want you to note that we still use some of the pottery that we had as wedding presents and if my children hadn’t used my lovely designer cutlery to change bike tyres, or bent trying to get into frozen solid icecream, or taken what was left to Uni we would still be using that as well!


Woke to the sound of rain this morning.

Me and the dogs were quite surprised, we haven’t had any real amount of rain since they came and I think they thought that they had come to stay at some kind of Shangri La, where the weather is always dry.

We all stood on the veranda and surveyed the dripping garden in amazement and I have no idea what they were thinking but for myself I am grateful for indoor plumbing!

And thank goodness for a terracotta tiled kitchen floor, three sets of muddy paws are a constant today although they have retreated to their room now to lounge about and keep any eye on all the passers-by on the pavement.  The dog equivalent of collecting train numbers I think.

My son and his lady have hired a van and gone to clear out some more stuff from her bungalow.  Hopefully after today what is left there will be mostly rubbish for the tip and a few bits and pieces for the Charity Shops.

And the weatherman says that this rain will clear by lunchtime, Hooray.  And this evening should be dry, lucky if you are planning fireworks.  There were quite a few around here last night but the dogs were watching a Black and White film with their Mum and didn’t seem to notice, I am grateful!



The three house guest dogs, slept the night through, the first time since they arrive!

Us people are all very proud, and thrilled and once we have surmounted the problems that Bonfire night will bring, I feel that life will be settling down and we shall all be less Zombie like.

Except for my Other Half that is, who I remember now, can sleep through anything and hasn’t let the dogs interfere with his peaceful nights anymore than he has babies/children/and World Crises in the past.

He has always been a difficult person!  He will sit up half the night if he has a good un-put downable book but then has to have a lay-in or a nap before he can cope with the day.

Men or maybe just mine!

I believe that there are men out there who can cope with broken nights and sleep deprivation as well as any woman!





The chances of getting me to move house any time soon are getting remoter by the minute since my son and his lady have ventured into the buying and selling of houses.

Everyone says buying and selling houses is one of the most stressful things that you can embark upon and as we have been in our house for nearly thirty years the memory had faded but has now come rushing back.

Between them they have two properties to sell and are buying a new build!  Sounds relatively easy doesn’t it?  Especially as they both have buyers who are keen but many a slip!

Her bungalow, fingers crossed is progressing steadily up to now, but his terraced house, the sale of which should have been completed last week is staggering rather.  Apparently the buyers’ solicitor forgot to do the searches?  How is that possible?

What is so stressful is that the new build that they are buying and won’t be ready until about March next year has had to be signed for and a deposit paid.

And my son, rather like his Father, ‘likes to have all his ducks in a row’ so to speak before he signs his money away for the next umpety years.  And who can blame him?

All will be well but this is another ‘middle of the night’ worry, when you can visualise all the problems and none of the practicalities.

So I am staying put, my middle of the night list of worrisome things is already full!

It is ‘silly o’clock’ on Sunday morning, we have altered the clocks an hour backwards, a day of doom to all people and things of routine!

Our dog house guests are amazed that they have had to wait for their breakfast.  Our son and his lady who both work different shifts are ‘bog-eyed’ and I shall be totally confused most of the day having altered some of the clocks and not others!

I shall wander around all day chuntering “Spring forward, Fall backwards”.

I suppose if we lived further North, I would be grateful for that extra hour of daylight in the mornings but here in the Midlands selfishly I don’t care.

Apparently statistics prove that there are more accidents in the dark mornings, who would have thought, just by the law of averages?

I expect when I am properly awake I shall  think about it a bit more kindly.  Roll on next March when we “Spring Forward”.


I am sorting out vintage newspapers, 1970/80’s Isle of Man ones, predominantly to do with the TT Races, motor bike racing for those that don’t know.  Some of the most dangerous racing there is, set on ordinary roads, with all the hazards, stone walls, sharp corners. kerbs etc, and all at speeds that make your hair stand on end.

We don’t have another Antique Fair until December which will be Bowman’s at Stafford Showground.  We ‘chickened out’ of their November one, 4/5th I think,  in Harrogate.  Too far for us, and it is winter and if the weather turns we are old and feeble, and wimps.  A shame really because I love Harrogate and the countryside around there and if you can get there do, lovely town with good places to eat and a good Fair.  It would be a nice place to do your Christmas Shopping.


Now the neighbours know that I can shout as loud as three very large dogs!

They (the dogs) come from a quieter road of neat bungalows.  My house is on a busy main road and to one side is a pathway that belongs to the water tower and these dogs being a bit territorial think that everything that they can see/hear or even imagine,  belongs to them and that they must defend it to the last dog.

And to be truthful, I never realised how much traffic, human/canine and vehicular and sometimes just birds flying over,  passed my house in a twenty four hour period.

But I do now!

I spend all day trying to teach them not ‘to speak’, and every time they do I leap into the garden shrieking ‘don’t speak’.  Where upon they pause,  look at me quizzically and then try a sort of half woof and then tear off down the garden completely forgetting that I exist.

Sorry neighbours, I am working on it!

Life is very different for us at the moment!

Our son and his lady and their three dogs have moved in with us until their new house is ready next March.

It is good for us to have a different life style and the house is big enough.  It copes admirably with kids and grand kids and dogs, and antiques,  whatever we throw at it really.

It takes a bit of re-organising and compromise but what in life doesn’t?

And wouldn’t it be awful if they felt that they couldn’t come home and seek refuge for a while when they need to?

It is what a family is for.  I am counting my blessings.


I have had lots of kind messages about my last post, thanks everyone.  I have to say, that I feel better for putting how I felt into words.

Sometimes it helps to hear or see the thoughts that are whirring through my head.   It seems to put things into perspective even though it can’t change things.

Just another thing to put on my list to be mulled over at three o’clock in the morning.

And just in case you think that I am sinking into a morass of misery, not all my middle of the night thoughts are sad.  It is a good time to be thinking of ‘Life, the Universe’, cake and grand children, and what else would I be doing at that hour of the morning when I am trying to be the only one awake,  quietly!




When we were young, there was a whole group of us who hung out together.  We met often by accident or design, after work and at weekends and did all the usual daft things the young do.

And as we grew up and found partners and got to be grown ups with responsibilities we  went our separate ways until mostly contact is now, 50 or so years later,  just Christmas cards or a catch-up if our paths should cross.

Some scattered geographically and consequently we rarely meet but still we count them as friends even though our lives have led us down different paths and these days we probably have little in common with them except memories.

And we have been a lucky group, compared to some.  We seem to have survived life relatively unscathed.  Don’t get me wrong, we have all had the usual things that accompany life and living.  The ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, some terrible and some joyful but we have survived – up until now!

And now one of those friends is very ill with only weeks to live and I am not sure how to react! I haven’t seen him for years but I feel so sad,  for him, for his family for all those years and memories.

He was and is part of  the pattern of our lives and he is leaving and I am feeling very sad.

I know the sadness will fade and soften with time and the happy memories will surface more often than the unhappy ones but still at the moment I am grieving.