A fine morning, weather-wise and finally last night I managed to sleep for longer than an hour at a time,  HOORAY!  And definitely feeling more the thing this morning.

Obviously what was required was a couple of days of hard work and a night in a Travelodge, to make me appreciate my own bed.

Day 2 of Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground and it was very quiet yesterday afternoon.  I think all our potential customers were lazing around enjoying the lovely weather instead of coming to see us and who would blame them!

And so I am hoping that before we all succumb to a siesta later on today, that this morning whilst all is fresh we get hordes of visitors.

And time to go, otherwise they might be there but we will not.  A very bad thing indeed.


I said it was ‘doomy’ to be half packed already for Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground this coming weekend, and I was right.  My Other Half is crippling around with a bad back this morning.

No good fighting it, we are ‘last minute merchants’ always and for ever.  If we happen to be fully loaded ahead of time we inevitably forget something, usually crucial.

No good fighting nature!

And so I am fining down all my big boxes into smaller ones that I can manage on my own and thank goodness that all the glass is already packed and in the car.

That is probably what did his back in, juggling Victorian glass, Carnival glass and his latest acquisition some Cloud glass.  Oh yes, and there were two big boxes of pots as well, a lovely,  very comprehensive and heavy dinner service.

And I had planned on taking many heavy books!  But I may have to re-think that!

What a lovely morning, sunshine to go with my cup of coffee.

And time to sit here and savour it.  What a joy.

Next weekend is going to be busy,  Bowman’s 3 day Antique Fair at Stafford Showground and we are half packed!

Which probably means that I will grind to a halt and not get back to loading until Wednesday, or even, please not, Thursday.  Setting up day at Stafford!

No I am determined.  Most of the glass is in and it is just me and my books and so I can’t even blame it on my Other Half.

Time to put down the coffee cup and get on with it.



Trying to get back to some kind of normality today after a week of ‘politicking’!

Do you think Theresa is worrying about the mucky floors and what is left in the pantry for dinner tonight?

Not really, in her world all that is taken care of by some of us lesser mortals.  She probably has someone to iron her knickers and make sure that her campaigning suits are neatly pressed and ready to go.

I wonder if ‘Corbs’ is ironing his second best shirt as we speak and rescuing his least crumpled trousers from the bedroom floor?  I don’t expect that even he, ‘a man of the people’ worries too much about that sort of daily trivia, probably has ‘people’ to sort that for him.

And truly I have to admit nor would I bother with the daily trivia, if I was juggling with a Country that is like a bowl full of half set jelly on a daily basis.

My head at the moment is full of organising myself for our next Antique Fair, Stafford Showground 16th/17th/18th June, worrying about ‘Brexit’ and our Country and the DUP will have to wait until I get back from that.

I expect they won’t miss me for a while but ‘I’ll be back’ and hopefully they will manage without me for a few days.

Just ironing a few essentials and making a shopping list. as you do!


I am delighted with a Hung Parliament, the Politicians cannot assume that they have a Mandate to do what they have told us we want –  in my name!

Now the Political horse trading will begin and hopefully amidst the wheeling and dealing we will benefit in some ways.

Many ways I hope but I am not ‘Betting the Farm’ on it!

But I am hoping for a bit more sense and practicality and a lot less selfish idiocy.

And I pray that this is the ‘kick up the back side’ that will remind the people with power the reason they are in their positions in the first place.

It is no good having a neat and tidy house if all the occupants are dying of starvation, illness and neglect, every one of us is important and I fear that is what many Politicians lose sight of.

Remember they are here to look after us and run our Country for us.  And sometimes I think that idea gets lost in assumptions and arrogance.



We had a lovely evening at Tilly’s 18th Birthday party.

As is traditional with us it was family and a couple of friends gathered around the big kitchen table with a Take-Away of her choice, Indian yesterday.

Followed by Chocolate Malteser Cake and about 15 different sorts of ice-cream to choose from.

And much merriment amongst us all and after the food everyone gave her small gifts.

Her big present was a few days away in London with her boy friend and we all chipped in towards that.

Not very traditional by todays standards, no drunken party of 18 year olds but exactly what Tilly wanted and had asked for.

There is a lot to be said for family traditions and when like me,  you are getting on in years lovely to share in the merry table and dip in and out of memories.


Morning, I won’t say Good, the weather is ghastly here.

June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day and my Grand Daughter, Tilly’s 18th Birthday today.

She and I went out for our Granner and Tilly day last week when it was Summer, we carried our jackets and wandered in the sunshine, a delightful day.  So glad we didn’t wait until this week.

The house is cold and damp and I am contemplating putting the Heating back on, and the radio is driving me mad, I had to switch it off.

It is the Electioneering – and I love a bit of Politics but I must be on a short fuse today, I cannot stand the playground facile idiocy.

The – They said, They didn’t, They won’t’ and  the – It wasn’t me and – The people don’t understand,  even worse, When the Country gives me a Mandate!

I have always thought that there should be an extra box to tick on ballot papers, so that you can register dissatisfaction. And yes I know that defaced papers are counted but that is not quite the same as a deliberate mark.

It would put some of the onus back on the reluctant Voters to turn out and hopefully make the Government voted in think a bit about why they are there.

I have heard so many people, over the last few weeks saying “I am not voting because I don’t like. believe, trust any of them.

If nothing else vote for who you believe will do the best for you.  But go and vote, don’t sit at home and wait for others to make decisions for you and then moan about things you don’t like.

Never are you going to get the perfect government for you, all is compromise because we are all individuals but at least make your mark!

It is just over a week since I last sat here with a morning cup of coffee and shared my thoughts.  They were of my lovely family and my garden and my little life.

Over that week the world has turned and turned and evil and goodness have continued to rise to the surface.

They always have but now thanks to technology we hear of the atrocities as they happen and each of us takes from these terrible events what is important to ourselves!

These events don’t always touch our lives but this is another time that they have and again we take notice because these victims could be us, or ours

And we rage and mourn against the cruelty,  wonder at bravery and kindness and feel sadness at ignorance.  Fleetingly usually!

And then most of us slump back into our little lives and wait for others to fix things.

And this week our lives are further complicated by the electioneering.  We have to choose who will steer us in the immediate future through a difficult world.

And each decision we make individually, has consequences.

I have a plea, look to your history, we are not perfect and drop the arrogance, we don’t always get things right.

Every act of cruelty echoes through time, teach your children tolerance and love and that the world doesn’t owe them but that they owe the world.

And don’t be insular, anyone cruelly killed anywhere is terrible.  Whether it be one or many they were all someone’s children!

They could have been mine always think that, how lucky I am.

I have found this rather difficult to write and there is much more that I want to rant about but really what I wanted to say is think and don’t always assume that you know it all.  I am willing to admit that I don’t and I am old but always open to learn something new and wonderful given the chance!







A lovely afternoon yesterday with family, high tea round the kitchen table, lots of chat and laughter.  A nice way to spend a sunny Saturday.

We didn’t get to see Tilly, she was working, and Jason away role playing in a field somewhere but we ate cake in their honour.

And before they came, I spent a couple of hours filling plant pots with compost and seeds, when they grow, fingers crossed,  a nice way to fill in some sparse corners in the borders.

And when I have finished here I am going to do a bit more weeding.  I am pacing myself, too much crouching amongst the plants makes for a very creaky back.

Tomorrow, weather permitting we are going to browse the Antique and Car Boot Fair at Malvern Showground.  The forecast is for storms over night so we will see what the weather is like when we wake in the morning.

If it is too horrible it won’t be worth the hour and a bit drive on the motor way system around Birmingham.   Truthfully we are not short of stock it is just nice to scope out pastures new and there is always the chance of treasure.

I have new gardening gloves, time to test them out.



One of those mornings.  I have a million thoughts running around in my head.

Like a game of ‘consequences’ or ‘slot A into slot Z’!

What if’s and maybe’s or if I/we/they, say/do/think or act on – this or that,  what will happen?

Or not happen!

These are ‘middle of the night’ thoughts.  Laying awake at 2am thoughts, going round as if trapped in a wheel, un-switch-off-able.

Leaving one with morning bags under the eyes,  less noticeable in the old, they tend to meld into lines of age, not always wisdom.

You can shut them all out with fear, retreat into self and routine.

Or you can pick a middle line, not interfering for its own sake, not playing the ‘blame game’ but tiptoeing through, not intentionally hurting with word or deed or indeed ignorance.

Being honest and true to what one holds dear as best one can.

And keeping an open mind.

A hard path!