!0 minutes is all that I can spare to sit here this morning.  Then we have to dash off to look after the ‘little kids’ whilst Kate goes to have the lump in her breast inspected, prodded etc.  Fingers crossed!

The ‘little kids’ aren’t so little, anymore really but not quite old enough to abandon for a whole stressy day, they need a responsible adult, and Tilly is working so they got me and Grandad instead and we shall do our best.

Kate is having a horrid week, she failed her pre-op dismally and until they can find some way to control her raging blood pressure they have cancelled her operation scheduled for next week and another day at the hospital today is not going to help much.

We all knew that it wouldn’t be straight forward, Hospitals and her soaring blood pressure have been a curse forever but hopefully all will end up well.

Time to go.


Tilly, grand-daughter came home from France yesterday, it was lovely to see her.  It felt as if she had been away much longer than the three weeks that it really was.  And although we don’t get to see her so much these days since she is 18 with a life of her own, we really missed her.

She has learnt to shout at small children in French and they have learnt to say ‘Can we have ice-cream now?’ and ‘Can we watch cartoons?’ in English.  Her French apparently stood the test of being immersed in foreign culture and she has been asked if she would consider going again next year.   A great success and maybe when the sunburn fades and the mosquito bites stop itching she will consider it, next year is a long way away.

And she bought back small gifts for everyone, we got a jar of very pretty jam, Fig and Violet, sounds and looks lovely but I am very nervous of it, I will get back to you on that when I am feeling brave, after all we are British, it was Strawberry jam that conquered the Empire!

And no sooner do we get one ‘little chick’ back safely in the nest than we move another up the worry list.

Kate goes for her Pre-Op at the hospital today ready for her hysterectomy next week, should be fine but she does have a propensity for soaring blood pressure when she is stressed, and she is truly stressed at the moment.  Thursday she goes to have the lump in her breast looked at, hopefully it is a cist and will be summarily dealt with,  without her head blowing off with the stress.

And I am going to get back to grips with Ebay today, always, always just as I think that I have mastered it,  some problem or other rears its ugly head.  Some of it of my own making this last time.

I carefully labelled the dish that I put on as ‘Chipped’ and put it up at a cheap price to take that into account, the purchaser has come back with ‘behind the chip is a crack’!   Which somehow I must have missed but no arguments, we have offered to refund on receipt of the bowl and that was about three weeks ago! And still we haven’t received bowl or message from the buyer,  we could have resold it by now.  I am a bit peeved to put it mildly.

Time for another cup of coffee I think!





If I stand very tall in front of the bathroom mirror and squint, I look as if I may have lost some weight.  Sadly it is only my magic bathroom mirror which reacts like this, every other reflective surface shows a rather round old lady and the scales are never co-operative.

I am supposed to be walking 10.000 steps everyday and watching what I eat, I am not good at either of those things.  However , apparently if I do these things I will live for ever!  Rather a dubious honour, I feel at the moment.

I am always full of good intentions but I am an all or nothing person, either I am on the go all day and collapse in a heap and sleep through the evening or I don’t.  Sometimes I snack all day and sometimes I really couldn’t care less about food, as long as I get my morning cup of high-octane strength coffee and a slice of toast.

I hate walking for walking’s sake, although I will walk happily for hours around some where new, a town/village/place, or even an Antique Fair.  But someone told me that you have to just walk for it to count, it is no good if you keep stopping to look at things!

And you have to do the walking as an extra, no good counting running up and down stairs 10 times, or hoovering,  dusting and cooking, making beds, washing, pegging out and ironing.  None of that counts, not even loading/unloading a ton of glass, books and things!

There is no hope for me then,  I have little or no will power and even less routine.

My school reports used to say “Must try harder”, apparently nothing has changed in the intervening decades.



Well now I can uncross my fingers (much easier to type),  grand-daughter Tilly got the exam results that she needed and although it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if she hadn’t, it would have been a bit deflating for her after all the work that she has put in.  And her friend ‘Bread’ got the results that he needed to go into nursing so all will be well for a while at least.

At my age about the only wise thing that I have learnt is not to look to far into the future and even when things turn out well it is not always in the way that one imagined or fretted about in the wee small hours.  Anyway now I can cross that worry off the ever lengthening list I am off to get dressed and start the day properly.

And back to domesticity, I had planned to wash a few rugs today, the sun has been shining gloriously but too late, now the heavens have opened and every thing is sodden, maybe tomorrow.

Perhaps a bit of light dusting.  I sat in a different seat in the lounge chatting to Uncle Robber and it is truly amazing the amount of dust you can see from quite a different angle to your usual!





After several weeks of drifting life has stepped up a gear and is all go at the moment.

We have a full calendar of Antique Fairs, which we are looking forward to, but of course it entails lots of hard work.

Robert has sold his house and is in the throes of packing, and mostly bring stuff to us and shoe-horning it into our front room consequently our house looks more like ‘Casey’s Court’ than ever.  Another old family saying,  whoever ‘Casey’ was?

Daughter Kate has a date for her hysterectomy, end of August but has just found a lump in her breast which is causing much rushing about and more hospital appointments, so we are all trying to co-ordinate diaries so that we can all be in the right place at the right time.

Thankfully the kids go back to school soon, and Tilly will be back from her Au-Pairing in France next week, so between us we shall all cope although I have to admit it is a bit stressy.

As my Granny used to say “He never gives you more than you can cope with”.  Although I do sometimes wonder!


And Day 3, at Stafford Showground fulfilled its promise, rounded the Fair off reasonably customer-wise and although we didn’t sell much put us nicely into profit.

And yes, just as I predicted packing and loading was a hard slog and when we finally got home we collapsed in a heap, dozed and then went to bed to sleep the sleep of the , not so much righteous, but the absolutely exhausted.

And today we start all over again, packing and sorting for a one day Fair that we shall be standing on Saturday.

A really jolly Fair for a company called ‘Blitz n Pieces’, vintage and retro.  We don’t often really volunteer for one day fairs but this one is an exception.  We take very little of the stock that we usually carry.  So packing and unpacking is a doddle and it is only half an hour down the road, another bonus and I love the energy and vibe that this small fair generates.

The time frame that it encompasses is 1920’s/1960’s  mostly all the joyous things of my childhood and brings back memories.

They only hold this one, once a year and so I can take 12 months gathering up things to take, comics, magazines, books and newspapers of course part of my staple stock but I can also indulge myself buying vintage china, glass and ornaments etc.  Things that I normally wouldn’t really bother with when looking for our normal stock.

And I even let my Other Half bring a few, and I mean a very few pieces of late dated Carnival Glass that fit into the time frame.  Perhaps a couple of pretty vases or similar but I am very fierce with him otherwise he would be sneaking in boxes full and taking over and this Retro Fair is mine to play with, and an indulgence for we don’t make money but it is a joy to stand.

Any way if you are this way over and free on Saturday, entrance is free and it is held at the Wigston Liberal Club, 82 Bull Head Street, Wigston, Leicester. LE18 1PA, 10am until 3pm, and they do a good cup of tea,

I was going to write that Antique Fairs seem to have characters all of their own but I suspect that really it all comes down to how the stall holders feel.

The Fair that we stood in June was laid back and almost sleepy and for us business-wise very average.  But this weekend’s have been a different kettle of fish, so to speak.  Chatty friendly customers and that seems to have set the trend.  A happy friendly fair all around.

Not everyone who has stopped to chat has bought but it doesn’t matter. We have enjoyed the friendliness and had a good Day 2, so I have ordered the same again for today.

Day 3 is always a hard day for the Stall holders.  We all know that when the customers finish coming at 5pm and the Fair closes that is when our hard work begins.  Setting up is different, we are full of optimism.  Packing it all up is more work on top of the previous long working days and ones mind is already on to the next Fair.

And having said all that if we have a long break between Fairs we tend to get stir crazy and I am already looking forward to next weekend, 19th August, a small Vintage Fair, at the Wigston Liberal Club, just outside Leicester for Blitznpieces Vintage.

A totally different sort of Fair to our usual, 1930’s to the 70’s, great music, dressing up and again nice people.  And I do so enjoy collecting stock for this, all my childhood memories.  A nice indulgence.

Day 1 at Bowman’s Stafford Showground Antique fair was good for us and a few other Dealers by the sound of the chat.  Hooray!

You know that I love to sell heavy books.  I fall madly in love with them and then find they are too heavy for me to lug around except in very small quantities, so today I shall optimistically take a few more and hope that the customers love them again, as much as I do.

And my Other Half sold a fair quantity of his glass, so we are both feeling cheery as we get ready to set off for Day 2.

Fingers crossed for another lucrative day, perhaps we shall see you there?

A nice bright morning after the miserable rain of the last few days.  A good omen I hope for the weekend.

We are standing Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground, setting up today and open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am so looking forward to it, for various reasons we seem to have had big gaps between fairs up to now this year.  We are a bit stir crazy and are both looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again.

And that is just as well because between now and the end of September we have at least half a dozen Fairs booked, including Peterborough and Builth Wells both a bit far-flung and requiring a lot of effort but hopefully we shall be fully limbered up by then.

And the problem with only doing intermittent fairs is that I accumulate loads of bits and pieces that I want to take but have to choose carefully because we can’t get it all in the car.

And choosing is really hard, one of the un-written (until now) laws of Antiques is that ‘Whatever you have left at home is the thing that some one will ask you for’.  Last time I took a shelf full of Edwardian Punch Books, and was asked for Victorian ones.  I have only got room for a few this time so Victorian it is and no doubt I will be asked for the others!

Filled the keyboard with toast crumbs so it is obviously time to get moving.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend!



For the second morning running I wake to the sound of wet tyres swishing by on the road outside.

I lay and listen and feel thankful that our house is not on the banks of a river or lake but perched at the top of a hill.   A small suburban one it is true  but if the water laps at my doorstep everyone around us will be in serious trouble.

It always amazes me how a couple of days of steady rain transforms things.  My lovely sunlit garden is now shades of acid green and dripping under a leaden sky.

The tall Livingstone Daisies at the back of the borders have surrendered, and are draped across the shorter plants, their heads too heavy with rain to hold up.  The crowds of Marigolds have turned from sunny orange to seed heads and the fairy ring of Toadstools rotted away in the damp.

This is what two days of rain can do, but all will be remedied with a couple of hours of sunshine, then the flowers will stop cowering away and the Bees will return.

And it is not cold and the wind isn’t howling, it is what we around here call Summer!