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It was The Flea, in Skipton yesterday.  Never been as far north as Skipton for an Antique Fair before and I would just love to have gone and stood this one, organised by Ben Wray and Helen Bowman at the cattle market  There is another in April and then one in July, I think.  I am planning to take some of our stuff and stand that one.  Perhaps take a few days to look around the area and then on the Sunday stand the Fair.

Everyone who has stood there and this is the second one, seems to love it and though it is way off our patch it would be a good adventure and so if all the omens line up,  age, relatives, dogs, weather etc.  I want to be there.  I’ve pencilled it in, I think that is called a plan.

And although I would love to have gone, as well as not being very keen on cold weather I am still festooned with dogs.  Robert and his lady reckon another 10 days or so and they should be moved with dogs into their new house.

I can’t deny it, I shall miss the dogs in many ways.  They are joyful and kind and full of fun and the house will feel emptier without them –  but – they have eaten my garden and walked mud in everywhere and it will be a delight to be able to have all the doors open again and have visitors that don’t have to face running the gauntlet of three large  and inquisitive/nosey dogs.

And the poor Postman will be pleased as well,  they have taken a complete dislike to him and bark him all to the letter box and then carry on until he is completely out of sight.

We can sink back into Pensioner life when they have gone.  Lunch at the pub, tele in the afternoon and the odd Antique auction or Fair.  Sounds a bit boring to be truthful, I like a bit of something going on and to be busy.

Not all the time you understand but perhaps half and half would be good!



Bright but bitterly cold and windy today.  We are off to Katy’s house for lunch, a treat for our birthdays which were both last week.

I thought seeing as how I am not Dog Wrangling today I would wear something nice and Sunday going out-ish.   Then I went up and added a jumper, and then a scarf and then took it all off and added warmer layers and now I look like the largest of the Russian ‘Babouska’ dolls!  But I am warm.

Still the good thing is that the wind will dry out the rather water-logged lawn, or perhaps more honestly I should describe it as a mud patch.

Have you ever watched that episode of the ‘Good Life’ where Margot, the posh one from next door, helps Barbara and Tom with the potato harvest in the mud. Her teetering about slipping and sliding is me on my muddy patch.  I am touching wood here because as yet I haven’t fallen over!  And if I do I shall be back here tomorrow cursing for sure!

I am waiting for my Other Half, he has gone to Morrison’s with a bit of a shopping list, Kate forgot bread and we have run out of milk etc.

On the way to Kate’s we are going to pass Tesco but apparently he has ‘took agin them’ I have no idea why.  I am not too keen on any Supermarket but as he is our resident expert, I am taking his word for it.

And as I typed those words, he came rushing in and after a chaotic twenty minutes insisted on zooming off and I never got to post this post and so I though that I would just continue!

Day 2 so to speak.

And I needn’t have worried at all about what I wore because as we sat around the groaning table (Kate had laid on a kind of buffet, a table full of all our favourite things) I reached for the Brine Aged Feta Cheese and tipped the brine all over me and himself and so we carried the faint aroma of cheese with us all day and later when we got home the dogs thought we smelt delicious.

All day yesterday it tried to snow and finally this morning we woke to a covering and apparently the side roads are treacherous.  I haven’t ventured out onto even the veranda yet today but my Other Half stoically went around the corner for his newspaper and has reported back. Freezing cold and horrible.

And now I seriously must finish this, it is turning into a small novelette and even I am becoming bored with it.






I feel there is hope for me yet!

Kate came at tea-time yesterday straight from picking the children up from school,  in time to eat macaroni cheese and birthday cake on their way for a check up at the Dentist.

However. it turns out that they should have been there the day before, Kate misread her diary and the Dentist mixed up sending her a reminder, and so they apologised to each other and made another date for the middle of March.

Just the sort of thing that I do and blame on my age, as I say there is obviously hope for me yet.

And surely by the middle of March we will be on the way to getting rid of these bitingly cold days.  The sun is shining but it is so cold, I have just been upstairs and put another layer of jumpers on.  I just can’t seem to keep warm.

Earlier in the week the dogs had large knuckle bones each as a treat.  Chewing these kept them quiet for hours but today there are only a few sad fragments left and apparently Fudge has snaffled the best bit and the others are circling, hopeful that he will give it up.

Actually even they really know that is so unlikely but just in case they have forgotten he looks up every now and again and shouts at the top of his voice at them and in between keeps up a very impressive low level growling.  Sounds very fierce indeed and even if I wanted his spitty bit of bone I  definitely wouldn’t dream of challenging him.




The Yaks Milk Chews lasted long enough for me to shower in peace, however after thorough inspection by the dog committee it transpired that I had apparently washed off all the delightful aroma of Dog and had to be re-anointed before I could be let into the tribe again.  I argued that I didn’t mind not being in the inner sanctum,  but they did mind and suitably slobbered on I am in the gang again!

One of the reasons that Robert had to dash off to the new house yesterday was to be there for when the Fridge/Freezer was delivered. Like all large deliveries these days they give you a time, between inconvenient and terribly inconvenient!  However it duly arrived sometime in the said slot,  but when unwrapped was the wrong colour.

And so today at an even more inconvenient time/times it should be delivered again, hopefully the right colour this time, not even a difficult colour, white actually but due to the only times the Firm could do today Robert had to be poised at their new house for delivery from 7am.

Now that isn’t bad at all if you have actually moved in but being 20 odd miles away, meant us all getting up at silly o’clock and a whole day of time adjustments for us all to compensate.

The dogs and I are sitting at home watching them all rush in and out, rather like the tide.

More coffee for me and another slurp of water out of the old bird bath for them.  Apparently it is delicious but on balance I am sticking to the coffee!

Thanks everyone for the lovely Birthday Greetings and I had a lovely day.

Robert and Sue’s (his lady) new house is lovely.  Not that big but big enough and in a lovely position.  The fledgling National Forest is across the road and so no one will ever build on that and in the kitchen is a nice window seat just the right height for sitting and watching the world go by.

I am dog-sitting again whilst they are moving stuff out of their storage unit.  It is going to be a long few weeks but then they will be ready to move in properly.  Dog proofing the garden is one of the things to be done, at the moment it is just a sea of mud.  The last thing that you need on new floors is a herd of muddy dogs.

All will be well and I am just relishing a bit of peace.  I treated the dogs to a ‘long lasting Yaks Milk Chew’!  All the go apparently in the canine world.

We tend to measure Chews by how long they last, I am hoping that these are truly ‘long lasting’ and I can hurtle up and have a shower before the hounds of hell batter down the door wanting to come in.

Off I go!

Bowman’s Fair at Stafford Showground, was worth the effort, we covered our costs and made some profit and that is the object of the exercise after all.

And the bonus is that we met friends old and new and mostly enjoyed ourselves.

‘Mostly’ because it is hard physical work, and we were so tired on unloading day that we ate at the nearest and most convenient place which turned out to be KFC!

Not my favourite but it might have been food and at least staved off starvation!

When we get going today, we are going to unload the car and then go and see Robert and Sue’s new house.  They finally have the keys and I’m dying to go and look.  The only Show House like theirs was so far away we never had time to go and look at it and so I am really looking forward to seeing their house for real at last.

And already they are starting to move bits and pieces in, so exciting and really that is why we need to quickly unload, so that they can use our much larger car.

A new beginning, all very exciting.  Brings back memories of our first real house. Lovely!


We are nearly ready for Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground.  Plan ‘A’ is to leave at about 11-ish.

Like everything that we do, what would normally be straightforward has become a bit complicated.

My son and his lady are/should be completing on their new house today.  A great thing but they need go out and be doing house things, we need to be in Stafford and the 3 dogs, lovely as they are cannot be left alone in my house for great swathes of time they get into too much trouble!

And so Katy, my daughter is coming to dog sit, thank goodness.  And the dogs love her although I am not sure that it is reciprocated.  She is a cat person and a rather eccentric cat at that.

Kate treats the three of them like naughty children, rather like I do, only fiercer.  She tells them off and waves her finger at them and they look at her with their heads on one side rather quizzically trying to work out what she is going on about.

Once we set off I shall expunge them all from my mind and concentrate on what delights I have packed to tempt my customers and other things like, have I packed my hot water bottle and my book and as we are away over night, where we shall eat tonight?



I must have shot a Robin, another old family saying for a run of bad luck!

I got up this morning to find our house guests eating breakfast by torch-light.  The electricity meter had tripped and only half the house had power.

Another little oddity, nothing is ever straightforward in this house, basically being nearly a hundred years old the house was rewired at two different times on two different circuits with two different fuse boxes!

And just to compound the complications the fuse box in the garage is rather surrounded by boxes of carnival glass and things and is not an easy thing to get at but thankfully Uncle Robber rose to the occasion and after some dark muttering clicked the switch and all is well.

Strange isn’t it?  When I got up on Monday it seemed a long way from this coming Thursday, when we are off to Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground for four days and I was quite laid back about the thousands of things still to do, remember etc.

Now it is Tuesday it seems much nearer and I am beginning to feel a little pressured, and I have added to my lists rather than reduced them.

We still need to finish loading, and do some sensible shopping and…………………

I am just going to have another half a cup of coffee and then spring into action!


I had a bit of a lay-in this morning.  I purposely didn’t get up with the dogs, after yesterday’s escapades I chickened out and stayed in bed until I could hear them eating their breakfast.

And hooray!  Apparently they slept all night and didn’t escape this morning, a sure sign that they are  finally settling in and ironic really because in the next few weeks they will be moving to their new house and have to settle in there all over again.

Meanwhile (‘back at the ranch’ – an old family saying) we are getting ready to stand Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground next Friday til Sunday.  I must say I am a trifle nervous about it  because the weatherman says it is going to snow again, hopefully not in Staffordshire.  We got snowed off last time there and we do have a car full of lovely things that not many people got to see.  Better luck this time for them and us.

And finally after a lot of fussing about I have ordered new shoes from the internet and given up with shoe shops!  Hopefully they (the shoes, I don’t really care about the shoe shops) will be right and if not I shall send them back.  See even pensioners can ‘be dragged kicking and screaming’ into the modern world and if I don’t want to be bare foot, ‘needs must’ etc!

And I feel very ‘pensioner-ish today. Being nervous about the dogs, worrying about snow and shoes.  What is the world coming to?

Obviously not enough coffee which I shall remedy immediately!



And again silly o’clock, never a dull moment in this house.

I got up at about 6am,  the dogs on the stir and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I quietly let them out whilst I put the coffee pot on and switched on the computer and at about the same time that I realised that they had been gone for quite some time, Poppy always the dog at the back and class snitch, came racing in to tell me a tragic story and then went racing off again.

What you have to realise at this point it is that outside it is still full dark and the garden is a quagmire and by the time I had found my boots and the torch and teetered over the water logged lawn,  Fudge and Daisy had escaped and Poppy was stuck in the smallest hole in a fence that you have ever seen.

And here I have to apologise to the neighbours, for all the racket, wailing, barking and shouting that ensued over the next half an hour.

Catching three excitable dogs is like catching wet spaghetti.  They do come when you call but haven’t learnt to ‘stay’ so if you aren’t quick enough to catch them on the bounce and strong enough to hold them, they sail off again into the gloom.

The hole has now been blocked although the dogs are busy working on their next escape plan and hopefully the neighbourhood has settled into its usual Sunday morning peace.

All except me sitting here clutching my cup of coffee and wide awake!