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One of those mornings.  I have a million thoughts running around in my head.

Like a game of ‘consequences’ or ‘slot A into slot Z’!

What if’s and maybe’s or if I/we/they, say/do/think or act on – this or that,  what will happen?

Or not happen!

These are ‘middle of the night’ thoughts.  Laying awake at 2am thoughts, going round as if trapped in a wheel, un-switch-off-able.

Leaving one with morning bags under the eyes,  less noticeable in the old, they tend to meld into lines of age, not always wisdom.

You can shut them all out with fear, retreat into self and routine.

Or you can pick a middle line, not interfering for its own sake, not playing the ‘blame game’ but tiptoeing through, not intentionally hurting with word or deed or indeed ignorance.

Being honest and true to what one holds dear as best one can.

And keeping an open mind.

A hard path!


A nasty few days.  What to say?

My tears and thoughts and love to all the victims of the terrible deed and all the victims of the terrible hate that these things, sadly perpetuate.

I cannot imagine myself,  hating to such a degree, destroying anyone, or any thing for the sake of proving a point.

And then others using that hatred as an excuse to retaliate, against more innocents.

Look to your own fears, don’t sanction innocents.

Nothing more to say.

Love to you all.

Yesterday at the ‘Runway Monday’ Antique Fair we walked for about two and a half hours, then we had salad for lunch, all very healthy and I was quite proud.

Goodbye Belly Fat!

And then we went to see daughter,  Kate and she forced us to share a Chinese Take Away with them!

So probably I am back to square one, weight-wise but on the other hand we had a lovely day and it was so nice to spend time with the grand children.

They are growing up so fast and all too soon they will be flying the nest, so we have to make the most of every minute now.

Being Grand Parents is a great privilege, we get all the delights first hand and the angst diluted by distance.  How good is that!

And we are lucky they are nice people, not perfect no one is but lovely to be with and kind and caring.

Thank you Kate and Jason.



I have 5 minutes to sit here drinking coffee this morning, then we are off to ‘Runway Monday’ at Newark.  It looks like turning into a nice day so I am looking forward to wandering about for a couple of hours.

Our GP says that us old people should go for a walk every day for at least half an hour and over the last week or so I have tried to comply but I find aimless walking hard work and rather boring.  Yesterday I did gardening instead, I hope that counts.

However I shall enjoy walking the stalls for 2 or 3 hours much more and surely that will count towards getting rid of my ‘Belly Fat’ which apparently is what will cause me to have a Stroke, or even a Heart Attack, and then I will become a burden on the system!

And if Mrs May gets the vote apparently I shall have to pay for any treatment that I may need in my dotage!  Perhaps I could have a break down of the figures of exactly how they have used my contributions to the NHS  over the years.  And not just mine but my whole family since day one of the NHS.

Not a blame and shame exercise, not a ‘He has used more than me’  or even a ‘They don’t deserve because’, but so that we can see why the Government is struggling to run a good basic service.

Just a few thoughts and questions – Is it spent on the admin,  some of which they ship out to companies in India apparently?

Or fittings and fixtures, if your life is hanging by a thread, do you really care if the curtains match the carpets in the Boardrooms etc?

Or payment for the committees that decide whether your treatment is too expensive to allow you to live?

I would be curious to see.

Got to go now, I only had 5 minutes and apparently I could go on for hours but I have to go and exercise now or else!

What a lovely sunny morning.  Seeing the sunshine makes all the difference and a nice change from the unrelenting grey of the last few days.

Leicester City’s last football game of the season this afternoon, and a good job too, the stress levels in this house were quite high after their 6-1 defeat in the week.  Lets pray that the game against Bournemouth today works out kindly, or else there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the men in this house.

A nice lazy day for me,  although I have taken the last of the Christmas rib of beef out of the freezer and hopefully I can cook it medium rare as requested!  That may be as stressful for me as watching Leicester City play is for the men in my life.  Uncle Robber doesn’t usually let me loose on cooking large pieces of beef on my own but football apparently has priority even over rare beef.

For now I am off to enjoy the sunshine and I will worry about all that later.




My calendar and I are working in unison, probably just for today but even so,  knowing that it is Friday is a vast improvement on the rest of this week.

We did the grocery shopping, I have cooked ham for dinner tonight and there is cake in the pantry just in case we have visitors. Onward and upward!

Now I am going to sort out a few more bits to put on Ebay, with the object of clearing a few boxes and putting a bit of money back into our cash pot,  It is still a couple of weeks until our next Antique Fair and if my Other Half keeps on buying glass at a rate of knots we shall be working on thin air until then.

We are not broke by any means and hopefully the glass that he has invested in is all worth more than he paid for it however I like to have a bit of running money in my pocket, just in case I find treasure.

And I think that we are coming up to Runway Monday at Newark again and I would love to go providing it stops raining and I will need some money to fritter there.

You can’t play at being a Dealer unless you have some cash in your back pocket and there is quite some power in the waving of a wad of notes.


My Other Half didn’t buy a single pieces of Carnival Glass at Tuesdays Auction!   However he did get lots of Victorian pieces and some Davidson’s Cloud glass, probably 1920’s and a few other bits that we haven’t yet identified.

So still the kitchen table is groaning under the weight of it all and meals are served in the small spaces that we manage to fit our plates into and conversations are dominated by “Well what do you think of this one” and “What is that worth”?

And today I am abandoning it all, and going to the Supermarket.  I realised that things had got slightly out of hand when during the evening some friends dropped by and other than a dry crust of bread, or a wizen apple I had nothing to offer them.  A shameful state of affairs.  We drank tea and hopefully they forgave me!

And it definitely is time that I got a grip, for several days I have been reading the wrong week on my calendar and it has taken me until now to understand why I am so out of step with everyone else.

It’s my age, the time of the year (whatever that is) and the weather.  At least that is what my Mother used to blame her lapses on!

I decided not to go with my Other Half to the Auction in Cirencester today although I did get up at the crack of dawn to wave him off.  A wifely duty!

He has his new Sat Nav, which he can work all by himself.  Well, yesterday he could, he could at this moment be circling the Earl Shilton Bypass in a constant loop.

Knowing him though,  he will happily revert to an old 1960’s road map that he keeps in his car for technological emergencies, so I probably shan’t see him again until about midnight.

And I survived my spell of Dog sitting last night.  Those dogs are very funny, three Great Danes are very much like herding a gang of small children,  When I put my best school teacher voice on they look at me in the same rather quizzical way that Class One used to do.

They like to sit on the settee with me, when they were smaller it was very companionable, now they are the size of small ponies they tower over me, even sitting down.   They are very gentle but will insist on randomly washing my face, we can be sitting quite peacefully and then whoever is nearest will reach over and slurp the side of my face.  I smell rather like a Great Dane, even this morning!

And today I have vowed to clear the last bits of last weeks lot of Carnival Glass off the kitchen table ready for today’s auction treasures.

He is always so optimistic, my Other Half, he does not doubt for a minute that he will conquer all other Bidders and at the prices that he has worked out and that he will be home in time for tea armed only with a vintage map!

Fingers crossed, he will.

My Other Half is going to Cirencester to view an Auction today,  Glass of course.  He has spent two days perusing the auctioneer’s lists and pictures on the internet and cursing the photography and wit of whoever compiled the lists.

Hopefully it will make him appreciate my feeble efforts at photography a bit more but I get what he means.  I think that he was hoping that if there were only a few bits of interest he could look, decide and bid on line but almost all of it is indistinct and with multiple pieces in some of the lots all heaped and too difficult to see what is what!

And so he is off to view today and then down there again tomorrow for the actual sale should he decide that it is worth it.

I am stopping at home today, pottering about and this evening I am dog sitting for Uncle Robber and Sue.  He is taking her out for her Birthday, Happy Birthday Sue xxxxx.

And probably tomorrow I will go to the Auction, apparently there are other things than glass and I love a good Sale.  Who knows what treasures I might find, that is if he doesn’t spend all the money on Carnival Glass.


How quickly the year seems to move on.  My garden is in lush early Summer already and I am trying to drink in the first Roses before next weeks forecast wind and rain batters them.

And in the shady corners there are still Spring Bluebells and Forget-me-nots, and the meadow grass seed scattered on the old vegetable plot is beginning to green it over.

Some gentle rain is what is required, however not what is forecast so I am fearful for my apple blossom.  No blossom no apples, a true-ism that I have spent years trying to get my city born Other Half to understand when we have a late frost or a gale that strips the trees.

And for some unknown reason the Plum Trees have no blossom at all this year.  Some years they are so heavily laden we waste half the fruits.  ‘Feast or Famine’ as I often quote from my long gone Father.

And I have just booked our B&B for Builth Wells in September, and an extra night so that we don’t have to drive those windy Welsh roads when we are tired from packing and loading on a dark September evening remembering that the days will be shortening.

Using up the year if only on paper and already thinking of booking Fairs and lodgings up until next New Year.

My New Years resolution is always to savour every moment of the new year before it whirls away and carries us with it.