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I took my ailing laptop round to see my Son-in-law, he was amazed!

Apparently it was full of millions of opened files, so full that it couldn’t take another thing.

He tells me that this is almost impossible!  and he has some theory,  which I didn’t really understand about why it has happened and after several hours he had managed to clear about 30%, so it is now useable, but he needs to work on it some more!

The mind boggles.  I should probably be more worried but he seems to know what we are doing and as long as I take it back for further treatment it should be ok. Fingers crossed.

I fear that I owe him hundredweights of jam sponges and sticky toffee puddings and the poor man is trying to lose weight.  We shall have to find some other currency that I can afford and he would like.


Lovely day weather-wise, in fact Summer again but computer-wise a very frustrating morning.

Temperamentally the computer and I are incompatible and some days I am nervous about firing it up and then it behaves for several days, lulling me into a false sense of security and then!

Something alters!  Maybe something I have inadvertently done, or maybe the provider has updated or who knows?

And everything is different.  ‘New’ and ‘improved’ are words that I have come to dread.

Today I can upload my photographs, even sometimes to files etc. where I want them, but the only way that I can actually look at them is to click onto each empty box?   And then it will allow me to see a picture, but not necessarily the one that I want/need!

Tomorrow it may be back as it was or maybe not, it is all too difficult.



It must be the ever changeable summer weather, Kate is recovering from her few days of migraine agony and my Other Half has succumbed to same and taken to his bed!

He has had them since his teens but in our middle age he was a martyr to them, sometimes no sooner recovering from one to go down with another.

The trouble with migraine at its worst is that you can lose whole days, sometimes weeks to them and sadly or though perhaps a good thing you learn to work with/around them.

People who do not have them cannot understand, it is not just the days flat out in agony with them but usually they manifest gradually and insidiously and go in the same way leaving one with a kind of hangover.

And migraine seems to affect everyone differently.  Visually, flashing lights, blindness and sometimes sensitivity to smell/touch/temperature or sounds.   Maybe nausea, your stomach shuts down and it is impossible to keep anything down, including medication, even water. And agonising pain in your head, so bad that it consumes your whole being.

Sometimes some of the above but sometimes all!  Can you imagine how terrible that is?

I don’t have migraine thank goodness, but I have lived with the consequences of them all my married life, first my Other Half and now our daughter.

And yes over the years we have tried and learnt many things.  Certain things can trigger a migraine but not always!  Certain things can help when they arrive, herbs, medication etc, if you can keep them down but not always.  In women and more rarely men they can be hormonal, but not always, and so on.

And there is the rub, there are rarely definite patterns which last, and just when you think you are on the way to sorting it, everything changes again.  Some people cope by just shutting down the minute they feel one starting, others fight every inch of the way and to be truthful it is whatever allows you to cope.

Imagine being the bread earner, imagine being a mother, imagine trying to run your life.  How would you cope?

Sometimes I get a bit impatient with people who say “but it is just a headache”, it isn’t!

The Window Cleaner called the other day, standing at the front door  he asked if we were moving house?

Then I realised that yet again it is difficult to walk across the hall floor, boxes piled high, bags of paper stuff, a mountain of miscellany!  It must really be about time that we got organised and stood another Fair.

And so we tried.  We finally agreed that we would stand Donnington, a Monday morning Fair, drive in, set up and sell, fingers crossed.

We rang them but apparently they are moving back to the old format from now on, all outside stalls.   The big hall that they have used this last 12/18 months is going to be let to someone else permanently and outside we will be at the whim of the weather and we are fairly wimpish.  And carry a lot of paper and books!

It is a great buying Fair but now not for us to stand.  In the winter when it doesn’t get light until 9-ish outside is a nightmare.  It opens at 7am and they have a horn that they sound to start the trading and a torch is a total necessity, totally barbaric and we are old and delicate.

So another Fair off my list.  Field Dog are taking over the one at the Animal Rescue Centre at the top of the A14, we stood it years ago, it was ok, maybe we will go and have a look and think about it.

We are getting very picky in our old age, obviously not hungry enough!


It was Tallulah’s 14th Birthday Party yesterday, it was as usual great, family sitting around the kitchen table laughing and eating lovely things.

I did wonder at some point earlier yesterday if it was going to happen, Kate had to take to her bed with a migraine.  But I needn’t have worried, everyone rallied around and Tilly made the cake, chocolate malteser cake of course and Kate managed to get to her feet in time to sit down with us and even eat.

Sadly this morning Kate is once again laid low with a roaring crashing migraine and all its nastiness.  She is really suffering this last few weeks and fingers crossed she will be feeling better soon.  She doesn’t get to see the specialist again until August some time,  a long while to go on feeling so poorly.

And Robert is also a bit stressed at the moment,  his car is playing up, he is trying to sell his house and work is work.

And so we try to be an oasis of calm,  amidst the chaos of daily life.  We dispense tea and cake and sympathy and flurry round every now and again  trying to be helpful rather than interfering!


We are between Fairs, in that strange ‘no-mans-land’  of no urgency!  Which we find rather unsettling, and we drift around leaving a trail of things to be done, put away, got rid of, catalogued – before the next mad downwards dash sets in,  before setting off to……………..  Stafford, Bingley Hall in August,  I do believe, although even that I had to think hard about!

And wouldn’t you think that with no urgent deadline I would/could be pottering about domestically, fettling this and that and generally making the house look vaguely loved?

And maybe, at least reaching tentatively the further most reaches of our garden, which are usually the sole haunts of birds and  machete worthy weeds?

And yes I did mount an expedition, all of a stones throw from the house, but viewed from the safely of the path decided that my slippers weren’t up to it and returning to find proper shoes got side tracked by the next chapter of a rather good book!

Switched off, that’s what we are, although we did make another attempt yesterday evening to rejoin the real world, we put a few boxes of bits in one of our local auctions and went to see how they faired!

We have never been ‘Pub/Club’ kind of people.  A Vimto in  the Pub Garden is probably as exciting as we get but all small local sales are generally held in Working Mens Clubs of one sort or another,  And so blending in beautifully with a glass of water and a Pepsi, we sat for about 3 hours on probably the hottest evening of the year, dripping sweat and remembering that years ago we often bought treasure at these kind of places!

And there were lots of faces that we recognised from the olden days, people to nod to and people to greet with chat.  Dealers and Ebayers, Car Booters and Second Hand Dealers and some just there for the fun of buying things.

And I had forgotten so much.   My carefully sorted box of mixed glass, not rare things but Victorian/Edwardian and later, things that we didn’t want to put on our stall but definitely not rubbish.  Went to a lovely lady for £1, talking to her afterwards, she bought it for the pink TK Max vase that I pushed in at the last minute, not for the tiny green enamelled Victorian jug with matching glasses, or the set of Punch cups, 1960’s, or even the Uranium glass basket, or the French milk glass goblet.  She was amazed and if I hadn’t been chatting to her would have left them to be thrown away and I expect when she got home, that indeed she did exactly that.

Anyway I am off to a little light desultory dusting  and maybe even cooking!





Thanks for all the comments/information in reply to yesterdays post.

My Other Half and I have both opted in to the SCR, SUMMARY CARE RECORD basically giving our consent for medications, allergies and additional medical information to be shared via SCR.

This means that hospitals and other health care workers should have access to our medical records without having to ask our permission.  Useful if you are carried in on a stretcher unconscious I expect.

However judging by the information that I have been given by many, this will only be of use if you should collapse in the right area, and according to my Surgery at the right time!

Apparently this is not a Nationwide, joined up initiative, so if you live in,  say Leicestershire and get sent to another County, say Nottinghamshire the Hospitals there cannot automatically  access your Records!

Oh yes, one of my moans in yesterdays post was lack of information, important I think as this should concern us all.  So calling into my Surgery this morning to hand in my forms,  after 10 minutes of searching I finally found the A4 sized poster in an alcove which stated that you should say ‘Yes’ to SCR.  To be fair it wasn’t quite so monosyllabic as that but not far off.

Again thanks for all the comments, and hopefully we have all opted in, why would you not?

It could be a matter of life and death!



I am always suspicious of unexpected texts and having no idea what it was all about made a few enquiries.  I like to be armed with a little knowledge before facing the Receptionists at the Doctors.

And here I will quote again from a NHS form.


Sounds good sense but in my ignorance I didn’t realise that this didn’t automatically happen anyway.  And even more confusing, my Other Half, hasn’t heard/received any messages at all.

It has taken me three days to contact my Practise Manager, the Receptionist kept telling me in answer to my questions that without signing ‘YES’ I stood a chance of being killed by the ignorance of any Emergency Services that tried to treat me in a crisis but that I could tick the ‘NO’ box if I wanted to!

So already I was convinced that I had to tick the ‘YES’ box, but still concerned that should any thing happen to me/us before we did that (and at any time in the past) we were at risk and still I wanted to know more.

In the those three days, I spoke with people connected with other GP Practises, other people concerned with the NHS in various capacities and received much confusing information, and some of them were as confused as me.

And finally today I managed to speak to the Practise Manager and here I shall summarise what I understood her to say.

About 2 years ago the Government decided that it would be useful if the NHS had access to all Patients information, Hospitals, GP’s Health Care Workers etc.  So they opted us all in.

Now they have decided that we must have a say, so they are giving us the chance to opt ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ and given GP Surgeries 12 months to put this into action.

Apparently my Surgery has pinned notices in the Waiting Room about this and put details on their Website.

In my defence for I knew nothing of any of this.  There are hundreds of notices on our Waiting Room walls which cover everything you could possibly need to know from VD, to Child Birth, so many that I don’t even notice them anymore, they look like wallpaper.

And as for the Website, why would I want to look at that, obviously I should but what is the incentive?  I have been with this Practise for about 40 years, I know where it is and how to contact them should it be necessary!

The Manager admitted that they were not convinced that they had everything sorted but explained that out of the thousand text messages sent out 600 people had ticked ‘YES’ and I was the only person to query what it was all about.

She didn’t know why my Other Half hadn’t been asked the question but she assured me that if he contacted them he could do it over the phone.  And she was delighted with a bit of  ‘Word of Mouth’ action.

She had no idea why that particular thousand had been chosen or what system of contacting Patients was being rolled out but assured me that she would make enquiries, and also suggested that if I had any ideas to simplify and sort things out that I get in touch with her and gave me a telephone number to leave messages on.

We shall of course be opting in, why wouldn’t we?  But as a NHS cynic remarked “more lists which will sooner or later be sold on”.





Much cooler here today,  although other areas around us have had rain we have still had none but today although not cold the skies are threatening and you can almost taste the moisture in the air.  The garden will be grateful, everything is a bit wilted and dusty.

Yesterday we took the day and went to ‘Antiques in the Park’ at Kedleston in Derbyshire.  An out-door Fair in the most beautiful setting and when the weather, like yesterday is fine,  it is a joy to visit.

And today we are into more domestic things.  We have scrubbed the kitchen and fettled the veranda.

The trouble with an outside space is that we tend to fill it with junk.  “Just put it on the veranda for now” is often heard and finally I have snapped and we are wreathed in dust but now have room to sit in comfort out there.

We bought very little yesterday, the best thing by far is a 1951 Shell quide to driving in London especially published for the Festival of Britain.  It devotes a whole page to parking “within 1 mile of the Festival Site.  The sites are usually on bombed sites and are clearly signed”.

Puts  World War 2 into some kind of perspective, for me anyway I was born at the end of the war and we lived in Lambeth not that far from the Festival Site!

Antiques rattling old memories again, mine this time.



We are having Summer!

Usually we get a couple of days of lovely weather and then back to our normal un-predictable ‘take a coat in case’ kind of weather,

But here, in the middle of England we are having several days in a row of lovely sunshine.  It is glorious but now that  I have mentioned it, I expect the weather will break, sorry if I have doomed it but I thought it well worthy of a mention.

The Antique Fair at the weekend worked out okay in the end, we didn’t make a vast profit but we covered our costs, did some good buying and made a few pennies to put back into the pot.

We don’t have any more Fairs booked now until a couple in August but then September is going to be a feat of endurance, 4 Fairs, we must be mad.   Each one is very different and I can see that we are going to be doing a lot of loading and unloading.  I think that we had better get in some training!

When you work to a calendar, as we do the year seems to fly round.  Here we are not yet at the end of June and already thinking about September and by then we shall be thinking about the coming New Year.

So I am off to enjoy the June sunshine and take each day as it comes!