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On a good day, I can cook!  Work most of the computer!  Make the camera talk to the printer! Make sense of most of the parts of the modern World that touch my life!  And some times have even remembered to buy all the ingredients for the recipe that I am half way through making!

Sadly those ‘Good Days’ are sporadic and in between all is very average.

And very disappointing.  It doesn’t really matter, if the food is inedible we throw it away and have a sandwich, if the computer doesn’t work we ring my Son-in-Law but sometimes I get a bit disheartened.

You would think that at my venerable age, there would be a bit more consistency, preferably for the better.

A bit of a moan, mainly due to a flat Yorkshire pudding.  Don’t send me recipes, I have hundreds sometimes they work and some times they are ‘shoe leather’!

I have thrown it out for the Hedgehogs to puzzle over!



And whilst I wasted most of yesterday being ‘busy doing nothing’, Tallulah and Grandad had a great time in London.  Lunch at Wagamama’s,  ‘Follies’ at the National in the afternoon and tea at Starbucks on the way back to the train and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and better still didn’t get lost or even lose each other.

Whilst I drifted about and made Minestrone Soup to greet the weary travellers with on their return and did very little else.  It was great.

Today we shall deliver her back home but we have just let her have a little lay-in, an old family saying ‘Never wake a sleeping teenager’.  We shall have to soon though, she has homework etc.  Things to do and places to go and school tomorrow!

I like it when everyone is back in their respective little slots, until the next adventure that is!

My Other Half and Tallulah our 14-year-old Grand daughter have taken each other to London on the train today, to go see ‘Follies’, they both love musicals.  It is Grandad ‘s first trip to London without a responsible adult for decades.

Tallulah however,  knows modern London very well, she often goes with her Mum but this is her first trip where she is in charge.  He tends to forget to eat and is easily side tracked and has very little sense of time, lovely though he is!

They set off from Rugby Station armed with a sheet of instructions, Oyster cards and mobile phones, they will be back this evening 10-ish,  fingers crossed and now I am not casting them another thought.

I have turned down a very lovely offer to spend the day with Kate, eating cake and talking non-stop.  My son-in-law offered to fetch and return me whenever but I will see her tomorrow when we return the borrowed Grand daughter so I don’t feel too deprived.

And I am well into my plan of drifting through a whole day all by myself. a very rare thing indeed.  As long as it is not repeated too often it is a pure delight.

I stood in the shower for a whole half an hour, relishing the decadence of time to waste and also took some time to contemplate what to wear.  The same as usual of course but the joy was in the time to look.

I have as always, cleaned the toothpaste off the bathroom mirror  (nobody ever seems to notice it but me and Aunty Pat when she comes from Italy), and then I spent some time gazing at the reflected image that resembles my Granny more each day.  National Health pink spectacles and my grey hair pinned fiercely  on top of my head and we could be twins.

Lunch time and I have only just put my washing machine on, just as my more efficient neighbours have fetched their dry washing in and are no doubt ironing it as we speak.  I don’t iron ever, I used to but hey!  Life is too short, if you want ironing you do it yourself.  One of the lessons that I learnt from my daughter.  Thanks Kate.

All these things I do most days encompassed into a short amount of time, today I am chilling and I have Golden Syrup Cake poised ready to go with my cup of tea, when I sit down to read my book for an hour this afternoon.  How cool is that?


Kate is making progress, ouching her way from settee to bathroom and back is her total world at the moment and she still can’t lift anything heavier than a coffee cup or a small paperback book.  But she is improving slowly, slowly a tiny bit each day, onward and upward as my Father used to say.

And although I felt rather guilty at abandoning her and going off to Builth Wells, they really didn’t need me fussing about, her family are all quite capable of looking after her.

And BuilthWells Antique Fair was good for us, a brilliant Saturday and as is the way with Fairs we sold many things that we have carried around forever and were on their last trip before being consigned to a box of miscellaneous, along with some really lovely things and we were well into profit by 5pm.

A good job too because it was a real Welsh Sunday, the aroma of wet dog and Mackintoshs, many lookers and very few buyers.  From 10am opening to 5pm closing we took £123.00, a long slow exhausting day watching the rain fall and by the time that we had packed and loaded it was getting on for 7pm and we were so pleased that we had made a decision to travel back on Monday morning.

We made our weary way back to our lovely B+B, stopping at the local village pub for sustenance and then falling into bed unconscious until the alarm woke us for breakfast.

And here I must say a few words about our B+B, run by John and Berni Benton, Cerdyn Villa, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys. LD5 4RS.   That is the village where they do Bog Snorkelling, and is associated with The Monster Raving Loony Party and has a friendly pub.  I can’t do links and things unless the Grandchildren are here to guide me so you will just have to look under B+B’s and find them for yourselves but they and their house are great, nothing is ever too much trouble and we can thoroughly recommend them and we have already booked for next May.

A long post this morning because we are awaiting our new mattress to be delivered, with trepidation.  Specially made because our bed is an odd size and I am praying that we got the measurements right, we are not terribly good at that kind of thing!  Anyway I can’t settle to anything until it arrives.

Please let it be right, or heads will roll, mine usually!

Kate looked reasonably well for someone who had a really rough night after her op and was neatly dressed in a split back nightie and surgical stockings complete with BP pressure bracelets around both ankles.

She was very cheery though and also rather exhausted so hopefully we didn’t stay too long with our relieved chatter.  Just long enough for my Other Half to eat half the packet of biscuits that we took for her as requested.

Jason was taking the children to see her after school and college and then hopefully she would get some proper sleep and she is hoping to be home Saturday albeit not up for much and very ouchy.

Two blogs in one day, what is the world coming to?  However as we are off a dawn tomorrow to set up our stall at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells and won’t be back until Monday, I felt that my Public ( all four of you) could probably stand an extra dose of me.

We are loaded apart that is from a few personal bits and pieces that I won’t bore you with here, which we shall throw in the back of the car at silly o’clock in the morning.

We would like to arrive at the Show ground at about 11-ish, traffic around Birmingham prevailing.  Last Sunday morning we sailed through but Fridays are a different thing all together.  So fingers crossed!

And now we are off to see Kate clutching a bouquet of assorted biscuits and hoping that she has managed to keep her toast and coffee down and then some super strength pain killers and is feeling more the thing when we get there.

Jason promised her that they would fill her full of rose-tinted drugs to fill her waking hours after the op, but sadly she threw up every 5 minutes and wasted them all.  We are hoping for an improvement.  She has always been an awkward child!




She is fine!  Well not exactly fine but Kate had her surgery last evening and all went well and she is recovering this morning!

Apparently apart from the wear and tear on all of our nerves it all went reasonably well and was successful and this afternoon we can go and see her!

And she has messaged me, Could I take biscuits, just in case she needs a snack?  So hopefully she is on the mend.

I feel a Mother’s guilt that we are scooting off to Builth Wells for the weekend Antiquing but Jason and the children are very capable of looking after each other and will probably be grateful that I shall be fussing from a distance.

About six weeks before she is completely fighting fit if all goes well, and I am sure that it will.  So she should have time to read many books and if she gets too bored she might even finish the knitted blanket that she is making me for my old age!

And now if we can just get Uncle Robbers house deal signed and sealed we can put another couple of ticks on the ‘to do list’.


So many wonderful things to buy at the Malvern Flea,  acres of stalls, millions of people but sadly it was all too hot weather-wise for us, and although we did walk for a good few hours we really didn’t buy much.

How can it be, a scorching hot Bank Holiday, we are British after all and just don’t expect these things!  In the car we had our coats and jumpers just in case,  in spite of Weather Forecasts because you just never know!

We did buy a few heavy books!  And a couple of nice pieces of Carnival Glass!  But if we hadn’t got so over hot, just walking we would probably have bought loads more.

There was a House Clearers Pitch piled high with boxes full and heaps of books, I could have spent all day there sorting through the stacks but I restrained myself and just bought half a dozen lovely books.

Two really heavy ones nearly killed me carrying them back to the car and I am hoping that perhaps next week the House Clearers will be standing again at Builth Wells and I might get the chance to browse some more.

And our favourite pie stall had sold out before we reached it and we had to resort to the remains of the cold toast that I took for my breakfast on the road in the morning and a half bottle of stale water whilst we joined the traffic jam to get onto the M5 to get home.

And strangely enough I slept properly last night for the first time for a week and didn’t even wake when the Police Helicopter apparently continuously circled the village in the early hours of the morning after some local Yobs smashed a stolen car into some parked cars and blocked the whole main road!

And of course I managed to walk 10.000 steps, even though it took all day and wore me out, a tick on the chart of ‘Good Pensioners’ then.  Although I am fair K……..d today.

Up at the crack of dawn today, we are off to Malvern Flea and Antique market.  And just because we have been up for hours doesn’t mean that we are on the road yet, there is a difference between being ‘up’ and being ‘awake’.

More coffee please!

I shall be very glad when our daughter is sorted medically and our son has finished buying and selling houses and then maybe I shall be able to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time although I expect that I shall find something else that consumes the wee small hours and doesn’t allow me to drop off until it is time to get up.

I am looking forward to running away to Malvern and immersing myself in the world of antiques and junk.   And I have made a pact with myself not to buy anything large and un-manageable today!

We shall see how that works out then and if I succumb to ridiculous things I shall blame it on lack of sleep and it will all be the children’s fault.

Nothing changes then!

And still this week, and the foreseeable future is rather like trying to run through treacle.

As you can imagine we are all over the moon that Kate hasn’t got breast cancer but now we have moved on to the next seemingly insurmountable problem, her raging blood pressure.  And of course the more she stresses the worse it gets!

The chances of her getting a hysterectomy any time this coming week are receding and after waiting 10 years and thinking that this was it, she is devastated by the thoughts that it might not be.

Drugs may be the way forward, for all of us probably!  We are trying to be calm and tranquil, thinking lovely thoughts and hopefully channeling them all to her.

And anyone who knows us will know that we are not terribly calm or tranquil when we are loading for Fairs and it is the Builth Wells, Royal Welsh Showground Antique Fair over next weekend.  Far flung and not easy to load for.

We are doing our best, smiling a lot and shrieking in whispers.

I am baby-sitting Uncle Robber and Sue’s three Great Danes this evening and once we have got over them greeting me/flattening me, they are much less complicated.  They seem to find me a bit puzzling, with my bossy ways but once I have staked my claim on a corner of the settee we get along very nicely.

It is called life!   I used to think that if we can just surmount this next ‘whatever’ it will all be plain sailing from here on but truly there is always another ‘whatever’ around the next corner, just get on with it, life is too short to dither about!