Trying to get back into the ‘domestic’ groove after our long weekend ‘Antique-ing’.

As always it took us all day Monday to get over the 4 days of activity at Builth Wells. but a bonus is,  we are leaving the car loaded, with just a few tweaks and then we are ready for Stafford Showground, Bingley Hall at the end of Sept.

Meanwhile my Other Half is off to Italy for a few days to visit his sister on her mountain top in the Abruzzi.  Not sure that I have spelt that right but he won’t get lost, they are meeting him at the Airport in Pescara.

I am hoping that he has a nice chilled week, without me wittering in his ear all the time.  I am a bad traveller and try to be brave but hates it!  And you know the old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  I am relying on that theory.

Every one keeps asking me what I have planned for my week alone.  My answer is lots of reading, eating and sleeping.  Sounds good to me.