I was going to say that we have finally finished loading the car ready to go to Builth Wells but looking around I realise that moment won’t be until we finally slam the door firmly behind us.  And even then we have been known to have to come back for some crucial thing even before we have gotten to the main road!

My Other Half likes to take a leisurely drive to Builth and plans to take all day tomorrow to set up our Stall for the Antique Fair that we are standing  over Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Welsh Showground.

And having said all that about leisure etc.  He has been up and crashing around in that annoyingly quiet way since about 6am this morning and I am rather tetchy about the whole thing.   The third time that he opened and shut the wardrobe door in that quietly loud way, so that the metal catches went ‘PING’ I finally gave up trying to wake up slowly. and two cups of coffee in I am still not speaking to him.  Not that he has noticed yet, no doubt I shall have to tell him!


I put this rather lovely picture on my Facebook page this morning.  This is from a set of prints that were published in Peking in 1955 at the time of Mao.   Apparently only 12 sets were originally printed and hence as one of the original prints this is rather rare.

A feel-good picture, maybe I won’t shout at him after all.