I was going to write that Antique Fairs seem to have characters all of their own but I suspect that really it all comes down to how the stall holders feel.

The Fair that we stood in June was laid back and almost sleepy and for us business-wise very average.  But this weekend’s have been a different kettle of fish, so to speak.  Chatty friendly customers and that seems to have set the trend.  A happy friendly fair all around.

Not everyone who has stopped to chat has bought but it doesn’t matter. We have enjoyed the friendliness and had a good Day 2, so I have ordered the same again for today.

Day 3 is always a hard day for the Stall holders.  We all know that when the customers finish coming at 5pm and the Fair closes that is when our hard work begins.  Setting up is different, we are full of optimism.  Packing it all up is more work on top of the previous long working days and ones mind is already on to the next Fair.

And having said all that if we have a long break between Fairs we tend to get stir crazy and I am already looking forward to next weekend, 19th August, a small Vintage Fair, at the Wigston Liberal Club, just outside Leicester for Blitznpieces Vintage.

A totally different sort of Fair to our usual, 1930’s to the 70’s, great music, dressing up and again nice people.  And I do so enjoy collecting stock for this, all my childhood memories.  A nice indulgence.