A nice bright morning after the miserable rain of the last few days.  A good omen I hope for the weekend.

We are standing Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground, setting up today and open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am so looking forward to it, for various reasons we seem to have had big gaps between fairs up to now this year.  We are a bit stir crazy and are both looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again.

And that is just as well because between now and the end of September we have at least half a dozen Fairs booked, including Peterborough and Builth Wells both a bit far-flung and requiring a lot of effort but hopefully we shall be fully limbered up by then.

And the problem with only doing intermittent fairs is that I accumulate loads of bits and pieces that I want to take but have to choose carefully because we can’t get it all in the car.

And choosing is really hard, one of the un-written (until now) laws of Antiques is that ‘Whatever you have left at home is the thing that some one will ask you for’.  Last time I took a shelf full of Edwardian Punch Books, and was asked for Victorian ones.  I have only got room for a few this time so Victorian it is and no doubt I will be asked for the others!

Filled the keyboard with toast crumbs so it is obviously time to get moving.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend!