In the course of wheeling and dealing, I often buy things that would look good in a frame.  Posters and maps and even pictures but as I have discovered after several attempts,  having them framed is an expensive business and I/we don’t have the ability to frame things ourselves.

And paying to have things done properly over-prices things and just to break even I have to price them really above their worth.

And so my daughter took pity on me and helped to negotiate buying a rather satisfactory frame for a poster from a site on the internet.  It is perfect and didn’t cost a fortune and so I thought, and as my Dad would have said “You know what thought did”?  I decided that I would order some more, all by myself!

I got the wrong site, the things that I want to frame are all different sizes and I am hopeless at measuring and to cut a long sad story short, I am now the proud possessor of a custom-made frame which doesn’t fit anything and cost way more than I wanted to pay.

I am keeping it, it is a salutary lesson in idiocy and one day I might just find a picture that will fit it.

And meanwhile my stall will  have its usual untidy heaps of curly maps, prints and posters and the only consolation will be that I shan’t have to make my customers pay extra for the frames, in fact they may even be more competent than I am (not difficult)  and be able to do it themselves!