It must be the ever changeable summer weather, Kate is recovering from her few days of migraine agony and my Other Half has succumbed to same and taken to his bed!

He has had them since his teens but in our middle age he was a martyr to them, sometimes no sooner recovering from one to go down with another.

The trouble with migraine at its worst is that you can lose whole days, sometimes weeks to them and sadly or though perhaps a good thing you learn to work with/around them.

People who do not have them cannot understand, it is not just the days flat out in agony with them but usually they manifest gradually and insidiously and go in the same way leaving one with a kind of hangover.

And migraine seems to affect everyone differently.  Visually, flashing lights, blindness and sometimes sensitivity to smell/touch/temperature or sounds.   Maybe nausea, your stomach shuts down and it is impossible to keep anything down, including medication, even water. And agonising pain in your head, so bad that it consumes your whole being.

Sometimes some of the above but sometimes all!  Can you imagine how terrible that is?

I don’t have migraine thank goodness, but I have lived with the consequences of them all my married life, first my Other Half and now our daughter.

And yes over the years we have tried and learnt many things.  Certain things can trigger a migraine but not always!  Certain things can help when they arrive, herbs, medication etc, if you can keep them down but not always.  In women and more rarely men they can be hormonal, but not always, and so on.

And there is the rub, there are rarely definite patterns which last, and just when you think you are on the way to sorting it, everything changes again.  Some people cope by just shutting down the minute they feel one starting, others fight every inch of the way and to be truthful it is whatever allows you to cope.

Imagine being the bread earner, imagine being a mother, imagine trying to run your life.  How would you cope?

Sometimes I get a bit impatient with people who say “but it is just a headache”, it isn’t!