The Window Cleaner called the other day, standing at the front door  he asked if we were moving house?

Then I realised that yet again it is difficult to walk across the hall floor, boxes piled high, bags of paper stuff, a mountain of miscellany!  It must really be about time that we got organised and stood another Fair.

And so we tried.  We finally agreed that we would stand Donnington, a Monday morning Fair, drive in, set up and sell, fingers crossed.

We rang them but apparently they are moving back to the old format from now on, all outside stalls.   The big hall that they have used this last 12/18 months is going to be let to someone else permanently and outside we will be at the whim of the weather and we are fairly wimpish.  And carry a lot of paper and books!

It is a great buying Fair but now not for us to stand.  In the winter when it doesn’t get light until 9-ish outside is a nightmare.  It opens at 7am and they have a horn that they sound to start the trading and a torch is a total necessity, totally barbaric and we are old and delicate.

So another Fair off my list.  Field Dog are taking over the one at the Animal Rescue Centre at the top of the A14, we stood it years ago, it was ok, maybe we will go and have a look and think about it.

We are getting very picky in our old age, obviously not hungry enough!