It was Tallulah’s 14th Birthday Party yesterday, it was as usual great, family sitting around the kitchen table laughing and eating lovely things.

I did wonder at some point earlier yesterday if it was going to happen, Kate had to take to her bed with a migraine.  But I needn’t have worried, everyone rallied around and Tilly made the cake, chocolate malteser cake of course and Kate managed to get to her feet in time to sit down with us and even eat.

Sadly this morning Kate is once again laid low with a roaring crashing migraine and all its nastiness.  She is really suffering this last few weeks and fingers crossed she will be feeling better soon.  She doesn’t get to see the specialist again until August some time,  a long while to go on feeling so poorly.

And Robert is also a bit stressed at the moment,  his car is playing up, he is trying to sell his house and work is work.

And so we try to be an oasis of calm,  amidst the chaos of daily life.  We dispense tea and cake and sympathy and flurry round every now and again  trying to be helpful rather than interfering!