Thanks for all the comments/information in reply to yesterdays post.

My Other Half and I have both opted in to the SCR, SUMMARY CARE RECORD basically giving our consent for medications, allergies and additional medical information to be shared via SCR.

This means that hospitals and other health care workers should have access to our medical records without having to ask our permission.  Useful if you are carried in on a stretcher unconscious I expect.

However judging by the information that I have been given by many, this will only be of use if you should collapse in the right area, and according to my Surgery at the right time!

Apparently this is not a Nationwide, joined up initiative, so if you live in,  say Leicestershire and get sent to another County, say Nottinghamshire the Hospitals there cannot automatically  access your Records!

Oh yes, one of my moans in yesterdays post was lack of information, important I think as this should concern us all.  So calling into my Surgery this morning to hand in my forms,  after 10 minutes of searching I finally found the A4 sized poster in an alcove which stated that you should say ‘Yes’ to SCR.  To be fair it wasn’t quite so monosyllabic as that but not far off.

Again thanks for all the comments, and hopefully we have all opted in, why would you not?

It could be a matter of life and death!