Much cooler here today,  although other areas around us have had rain we have still had none but today although not cold the skies are threatening and you can almost taste the moisture in the air.  The garden will be grateful, everything is a bit wilted and dusty.

Yesterday we took the day and went to ‘Antiques in the Park’ at Kedleston in Derbyshire.  An out-door Fair in the most beautiful setting and when the weather, like yesterday is fine,  it is a joy to visit.

And today we are into more domestic things.  We have scrubbed the kitchen and fettled the veranda.

The trouble with an outside space is that we tend to fill it with junk.  “Just put it on the veranda for now” is often heard and finally I have snapped and we are wreathed in dust but now have room to sit in comfort out there.

We bought very little yesterday, the best thing by far is a 1951 Shell quide to driving in London especially published for the Festival of Britain.  It devotes a whole page to parking “within 1 mile of the Festival Site.  The sites are usually on bombed sites and are clearly signed”.

Puts  World War 2 into some kind of perspective, for me anyway I was born at the end of the war and we lived in Lambeth not that far from the Festival Site!

Antiques rattling old memories again, mine this time.