We are having Summer!

Usually we get a couple of days of lovely weather and then back to our normal un-predictable ‘take a coat in case’ kind of weather,

But here, in the middle of England we are having several days in a row of lovely sunshine.  It is glorious but now that  I have mentioned it, I expect the weather will break, sorry if I have doomed it but I thought it well worthy of a mention.

The Antique Fair at the weekend worked out okay in the end, we didn’t make a vast profit but we covered our costs, did some good buying and made a few pennies to put back into the pot.

We don’t have any more Fairs booked now until a couple in August but then September is going to be a feat of endurance, 4 Fairs, we must be mad.   Each one is very different and I can see that we are going to be doing a lot of loading and unloading.  I think that we had better get in some training!

When you work to a calendar, as we do the year seems to fly round.  Here we are not yet at the end of June and already thinking about September and by then we shall be thinking about the coming New Year.

So I am off to enjoy the June sunshine and take each day as it comes!