I said it was ‘doomy’ to be half packed already for Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground this coming weekend, and I was right.  My Other Half is crippling around with a bad back this morning.

No good fighting it, we are ‘last minute merchants’ always and for ever.  If we happen to be fully loaded ahead of time we inevitably forget something, usually crucial.

No good fighting nature!

And so I am fining down all my big boxes into smaller ones that I can manage on my own and thank goodness that all the glass is already packed and in the car.

That is probably what did his back in, juggling Victorian glass, Carnival glass and his latest acquisition some Cloud glass.  Oh yes, and there were two big boxes of pots as well, a lovely,  very comprehensive and heavy dinner service.

And I had planned on taking many heavy books!  But I may have to re-think that!