Trying to get back to some kind of normality today after a week of ‘politicking’!

Do you think Theresa is worrying about the mucky floors and what is left in the pantry for dinner tonight?

Not really, in her world all that is taken care of by some of us lesser mortals.  She probably has someone to iron her knickers and make sure that her campaigning suits are neatly pressed and ready to go.

I wonder if ‘Corbs’ is ironing his second best shirt as we speak and rescuing his least crumpled trousers from the bedroom floor?  I don’t expect that even he, ‘a man of the people’ worries too much about that sort of daily trivia, probably has ‘people’ to sort that for him.

And truly I have to admit nor would I bother with the daily trivia, if I was juggling with a Country that is like a bowl full of half set jelly on a daily basis.

My head at the moment is full of organising myself for our next Antique Fair, Stafford Showground 16th/17th/18th June, worrying about ‘Brexit’ and our Country and the DUP will have to wait until I get back from that.

I expect they won’t miss me for a while but ‘I’ll be back’ and hopefully they will manage without me for a few days.

Just ironing a few essentials and making a shopping list. as you do!