I am delighted with a Hung Parliament, the Politicians cannot assume that they have a Mandate to do what they have told us we want –  in my name!

Now the Political horse trading will begin and hopefully amidst the wheeling and dealing we will benefit in some ways.

Many ways I hope but I am not ‘Betting the Farm’ on it!

But I am hoping for a bit more sense and practicality and a lot less selfish idiocy.

And I pray that this is the ‘kick up the back side’ that will remind the people with power the reason they are in their positions in the first place.

It is no good having a neat and tidy house if all the occupants are dying of starvation, illness and neglect, every one of us is important and I fear that is what many Politicians lose sight of.

Remember they are here to look after us and run our Country for us.  And sometimes I think that idea gets lost in assumptions and arrogance.