Morning, I won’t say Good, the weather is ghastly here.

June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day and my Grand Daughter, Tilly’s 18th Birthday today.

She and I went out for our Granner and Tilly day last week when it was Summer, we carried our jackets and wandered in the sunshine, a delightful day.  So glad we didn’t wait until this week.

The house is cold and damp and I am contemplating putting the Heating back on, and the radio is driving me mad, I had to switch it off.

It is the Electioneering – and I love a bit of Politics but I must be on a short fuse today, I cannot stand the playground facile idiocy.

The – They said, They didn’t, They won’t’ and  the – It wasn’t me and – The people don’t understand,  even worse, When the Country gives me a Mandate!

I have always thought that there should be an extra box to tick on ballot papers, so that you can register dissatisfaction. And yes I know that defaced papers are counted but that is not quite the same as a deliberate mark.

It would put some of the onus back on the reluctant Voters to turn out and hopefully make the Government voted in think a bit about why they are there.

I have heard so many people, over the last few weeks saying “I am not voting because I don’t like. believe, trust any of them.

If nothing else vote for who you believe will do the best for you.  But go and vote, don’t sit at home and wait for others to make decisions for you and then moan about things you don’t like.

Never are you going to get the perfect government for you, all is compromise because we are all individuals but at least make your mark!