It is just over a week since I last sat here with a morning cup of coffee and shared my thoughts.  They were of my lovely family and my garden and my little life.

Over that week the world has turned and turned and evil and goodness have continued to rise to the surface.

They always have but now thanks to technology we hear of the atrocities as they happen and each of us takes from these terrible events what is important to ourselves!

These events don’t always touch our lives but this is another time that they have and again we take notice because these victims could be us, or ours

And we rage and mourn against the cruelty,  wonder at bravery and kindness and feel sadness at ignorance.  Fleetingly usually!

And then most of us slump back into our little lives and wait for others to fix things.

And this week our lives are further complicated by the electioneering.  We have to choose who will steer us in the immediate future through a difficult world.

And each decision we make individually, has consequences.

I have a plea, look to your history, we are not perfect and drop the arrogance, we don’t always get things right.

Every act of cruelty echoes through time, teach your children tolerance and love and that the world doesn’t owe them but that they owe the world.

And don’t be insular, anyone cruelly killed anywhere is terrible.  Whether it be one or many they were all someone’s children!

They could have been mine always think that, how lucky I am.

I have found this rather difficult to write and there is much more that I want to rant about but really what I wanted to say is think and don’t always assume that you know it all.  I am willing to admit that I don’t and I am old but always open to learn something new and wonderful given the chance!