My calendar and I are working in unison, probably just for today but even so,  knowing that it is Friday is a vast improvement on the rest of this week.

We did the grocery shopping, I have cooked ham for dinner tonight and there is cake in the pantry just in case we have visitors. Onward and upward!

Now I am going to sort out a few more bits to put on Ebay, with the object of clearing a few boxes and putting a bit of money back into our cash pot,  It is still a couple of weeks until our next Antique Fair and if my Other Half keeps on buying glass at a rate of knots we shall be working on thin air until then.

We are not broke by any means and hopefully the glass that he has invested in is all worth more than he paid for it however I like to have a bit of running money in my pocket, just in case I find treasure.

And I think that we are coming up to Runway Monday at Newark again and I would love to go providing it stops raining and I will need some money to fritter there.

You can’t play at being a Dealer unless you have some cash in your back pocket and there is quite some power in the waving of a wad of notes.