My Other Half didn’t buy a single pieces of Carnival Glass at Tuesdays Auction!   However he did get lots of Victorian pieces and some Davidson’s Cloud glass, probably 1920’s and a few other bits that we haven’t yet identified.

So still the kitchen table is groaning under the weight of it all and meals are served in the small spaces that we manage to fit our plates into and conversations are dominated by “Well what do you think of this one” and “What is that worth”?

And today I am abandoning it all, and going to the Supermarket.  I realised that things had got slightly out of hand when during the evening some friends dropped by and other than a dry crust of bread, or a wizen apple I had nothing to offer them.  A shameful state of affairs.  We drank tea and hopefully they forgave me!

And it definitely is time that I got a grip, for several days I have been reading the wrong week on my calendar and it has taken me until now to understand why I am so out of step with everyone else.

It’s my age, the time of the year (whatever that is) and the weather.  At least that is what my Mother used to blame her lapses on!