I decided not to go with my Other Half to the Auction in Cirencester today although I did get up at the crack of dawn to wave him off.  A wifely duty!

He has his new Sat Nav, which he can work all by himself.  Well, yesterday he could, he could at this moment be circling the Earl Shilton Bypass in a constant loop.

Knowing him though,  he will happily revert to an old 1960’s road map that he keeps in his car for technological emergencies, so I probably shan’t see him again until about midnight.

And I survived my spell of Dog sitting last night.  Those dogs are very funny, three Great Danes are very much like herding a gang of small children,  When I put my best school teacher voice on they look at me in the same rather quizzical way that Class One used to do.

They like to sit on the settee with me, when they were smaller it was very companionable, now they are the size of small ponies they tower over me, even sitting down.   They are very gentle but will insist on randomly washing my face, we can be sitting quite peacefully and then whoever is nearest will reach over and slurp the side of my face.  I smell rather like a Great Dane, even this morning!

And today I have vowed to clear the last bits of last weeks lot of Carnival Glass off the kitchen table ready for today’s auction treasures.

He is always so optimistic, my Other Half, he does not doubt for a minute that he will conquer all other Bidders and at the prices that he has worked out and that he will be home in time for tea armed only with a vintage map!

Fingers crossed, he will.