My Other Half is going to Cirencester to view an Auction today,  Glass of course.  He has spent two days perusing the auctioneer’s lists and pictures on the internet and cursing the photography and wit of whoever compiled the lists.

Hopefully it will make him appreciate my feeble efforts at photography a bit more but I get what he means.  I think that he was hoping that if there were only a few bits of interest he could look, decide and bid on line but almost all of it is indistinct and with multiple pieces in some of the lots all heaped and too difficult to see what is what!

And so he is off to view today and then down there again tomorrow for the actual sale should he decide that it is worth it.

I am stopping at home today, pottering about and this evening I am dog sitting for Uncle Robber and Sue.  He is taking her out for her Birthday, Happy Birthday Sue xxxxx.

And probably tomorrow I will go to the Auction, apparently there are other things than glass and I love a good Sale.  Who knows what treasures I might find, that is if he doesn’t spend all the money on Carnival Glass.