I am writing this whilst listening to my Other Half giving me chapter and verse on the load of Glass that he bought yesterday.

He had a lovely day, talking Carnival Glass with an old friend who wanted to clear some out to make room for some more. In fact I think that some of the bits that he bought are ones that he sold to her years ago.

And for all serious collectors, there is always another more covetable piece around the corner to displace the now less exalted pieces and there comes a time when even they have to move some of it on.  Or just become buried under the sheer quantity, hence his wheeling and dealing trip yesterday.

And I stayed at home and pottered around, they didn’t need my input on Carnival Glass they both know more about it than I ever will.

Time to go now, on a bit of a schedule today.

Boots to the mender, stuff to appraise, and hopefully lunch with Kate!