‘Hush my mouth’ my last post was showing off about my Ebay prowess.  And now it has come back to bite me on the bum!

I sold and carefully packed 5 vintage/antique punch cups.  Each individually packed in Bubble wrap, then packed in a bubble lined box, packed with bubble between each one so there were no gaps, sealed and the whole wrapped with paper and tape marked ‘Fragile’ and paid extra postage to be delivered into the hands of the recipient………………………………..

And one cup was smashed on arrival!

Each of these Cups was different, and although I do have many more,  I do not have another the same to replace it with.  So the customer and I have discussed it and she has accepted a refund.

But how annoying is that.  Very!

And yes, part of the extra postage was Insurance.  Have you ever tried to claim?  It is rather like catching quick silver and takes forever.  So for the relatively small amount I will take the pain and be thankful that it wasn’t all of them that got broken.

And with my fingers crossed I have some more to put up for sale and they will be packed extra, extra carefully, believe me!