I am feeling quite proud of myself at the moment.

I have recently been putting a few bits and pieces on Ebay.  Very time consuming and something that I haven’t done for a long time but hey!  I have sold several pieces.

Some glass and some postcards, little bits and easy to post, simple and straight forward.  Just the way I like it.

I have more, so when I have a couple of hours to spare I shall be repeating the process and long may it continue to be stress free.

I stopped selling on line because even if you are very savvy , things can get too complicated but hopefully as long as I stick to the ‘cheap and cheerful’ there won’t be so many ‘sharks’ out there with an angle to try ripping me off.

As far as I can see everyone who sells on line has at least one horror story to tell and if it is not the ‘opportunists’ trying it on,  it is the postal/delivery services causing problems.

9 times out of 10, they are great and reliable and the 10th time it can be a nightmare and generally once it all goes horribly wrong they don’t really want to know.

Even reading all their small print, paying for insurance and tracking really doesn’t help when it all goes wrong.  We have in the past tracked parcels across Continents and watched them end up in the wrong place and then vanish!

We used to watch a programme called ‘Hill Street Blues’ a police thing, and it always had a daily briefing which finished with “BE CAREFUL OUT THERE”.

Today’s handy hint!