I am feeling at little grouchy at the moment.  I have been feeling proper poorly ever since we came back from Builth Wells.  A change of tablets, a bad back and something I ate seem to have conspired to lay me low, and I even took to my bed for a day!

I usually don’t like to crumble and give in but this time I was grateful to abandon all and retire clutching my hot water bottle and a book.

My Other Half , as he does in a crisis, cooked his signature ‘Cheese and Potato’ pie, although I really didn’t do justice to it but the resident Blackbird and his family thought the remains were delicious, so someone appreciated his efforts.

And today I am up, not quite to my usual fighting speed but working on it.

Earlier this week I had planned in my head that I might stand the local carboot sale this morning!

Maybe next week and then the weather might be warmer as well.

Enough of my moaning, although it could have been worse it could have been about politics and I think we are all fed up with that at the moment.

My Dad used to say ‘Enough is as good as a feast’,  very true, on all fronts.