Builth Wells was every bit as enjoyable as I hoped, although a little chilly at times but I packed my hot water bottle so I didn’t really care, and we came home with a couple of empty boxes.  That’s the way to do it , and we have several weeks before our next Fair, unless of course we slot one in, you never know.

But before we can unload what we didn’t sell we need to sort things out a bit.  And at the moment there are several ‘no-go’ areas in the house.

The front room for instance is full of bound volumes of Punch Books, I must have at least 80.  Over the last few Fairs I have had a central display of Maps, Sea Charts and Atlas’s, old and new and sold them well and I feel it is time for a change and I would love to take the Punch Books and pile them high, they would be quite spectacular and these days you have to catch people’s imagination.  No good putting them out in serried ranks of spines.

I want to take as many as I can carry (and there is the rub, they weigh a ton) and lay them out open so people can come and browse, and hopefully buy.

So the Carnival Glass and Punch Books are going to be vieing  (another word the spell-checker and I can’t agree on) for car space.  Even a large vehicle like ours can only carry so much weight before it is a nightmare to drive.

We once, in our younger days, cleared a big old house of several generations worth of books and comics and wonderful they were too.  But to get them all in we loaded the car until it was almost resting on the top of the wheels and that made for a very hairy ride home.

We were young and foolish in those days, about 5 years ago, we are older and wiser now maybe!


And if I can sell a few large books we can probably, at least get our feet into the front room and I could fill that space in the blink of an eye with something else.

“Job’s a good’un”, as the kids would say!