Any minute now we are setting off for Builth Wells, or within the next hour or so at least.

We have a fluid plan, as always.  We have all day to suit ourselves and we don’t actually have to be at the Royal Welsh Showground until tomorrow morning, so we allow ourselves a little treat.   A long gentle drive into the middle of Wales and an extra night at our lovely B+B and even maybe an evening at the Village Pub to round off the day.

Sounds good doesn’t it.  And also the beauty of a day all to ourselves is that we can shuck off all responsibilities, forget domesticity just be us, together in the now.

If you think about modern life that doesn’t happen often.  Usually there is an agenda, your own or someone else’s.  And life dictated by the clock, well just for today ‘clock – smock’, we are doing our own thing and back to real life tomorrow.

All though I am not sure that Antique Fairs count as real life, they can be a bit surreal like escaped time machines!