We got up early and went to ‘Runway Monday’ yesterday,  less stalls than usual due probably to the threatening weather and the chill wind.

There were some lovely things, beautifully worn old leather armchairs and a glass fronted cupboard, full of tiny drawers and a long, long church pew, all very covetable but not practical for us.

A book Dealer friend got around the stalls before us and snaffled some lovely Victorian picture books for a crackingly good price.  I should have got up earlier, he showed them to me just to make me jealous.  But I didn’t really begrudge him them, any one who got up at 5am to stand all morning in the cold deserves to find treasure.

And sadly as yet my creaking back is not up to heavy Victorian books, or even a paperback book to be truthful.  I think that my Other Half is going to have to do all the heavy lifting at Builth Wells this coming weekend.

Yesterday, walking around for a couple of hours was kind of ‘kill or cure’ and my back isn’t worse today so I am hoping that with the help of a few pain killers it will behave over the weekend.

I love Builth Wells Antique Fair at this time of year.  The Royal Welsh Showground is in a pretty Valley surrounded by hills and the first thing you hear every morning is the lambs calling and the birds singing.

Looking forward to it.