Where to start?

It has been a chaotic few days, what with one thing and another.  And so now that I am forced to sit as I seem to have clicked my back out, I thought that I would just have a little catch up.

Uncle Robbers, friend Sue, staying with him over Easter had a massive nose bleed and has spent half the week in one of the local Hospitals and we have all rallied around to dog-sit the 3 seven month old Great Dane puppies, who for obvious reasons can’t be left for too long on their own, otherwise they eat the house and generally get into more trouble than a cart load of monkeys.

And we are still on high alert, as she has to go back on Friday and they may have to cauterise it and I shall be sitting the Dogs for as long as it takes and Uncle Robber is working his shifts and running hither and yon,  trying to cope with it all.

Actually working with small children all my life seems to have stood me in good stead.  It turns out that baby Great Danes are very similar, just much bigger and they are very sweet and haven’t got a nasty bone in them.  And providing they don’t converge on mass and knock me over I can cope.

We had a good busy Fair at Peterborough although only a week ago it seems like forever  and we are well into the throes of getting ready for our next big Fair,  Builth Wells, the weekend after next.

And on top of all that Theresa May has called an election and I really can’t fit serious politics in at the moment although my Other Half and I have already started with quite a few heated debates.  I fear that it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

You know when you watch an old married couple on the television ” We have been married for 50 years and never  had a disagreement with each other”,  that isn’t us!