A wasp in the bathroom.

Not as poetical as the first Cuckoo’s call of Spring but hey! Here in the suburban Midlands we settle for what we can get.

The first wasp of 2017, a sign of good weather to come, or just a sting in the tail!

And opening the window to let it out, I now can’t get it shut again and have abluted, is there such a word?  There should be, standing in a cold breeze having a wash is no fun.   And it is not really wasp weather, no sunshine today and I expect he (the wasp) is sorry that he woke so early.

I  have bought a car full of pottery/china, Tea-sets, Dinner Services and odd bits and pieces. Earlier this week I went to value them for a friend who is down sizing and she wanted to know if they were worth anything before she took them to the local charity shop.

I had no intentions of buying but it is now official!  I cannot resist a pretty piece of pottery and am not fit to be let out alone.  However, we agreed a deal and she was happy to be rid  and I was delighted to have them.

And it is a well know Dealer fact, which I had apparently forgotten – a few dusty pots on garage shelves, once they belong to you,  expand to fill every surface of your kitchen, for days.

Mind you they do look lovely now that they are all washed!

And the dangerous thing, although I am being very sensible, is that she has 6000 books to get rid of as well and after all I am a book dealer by trade.  But 6000 books, I truly avoided seriously looking, gave her a few pointers and came home to wash pots.

My Other Half, as daft as me, woke me in the middle of the night to suggest that if we made her an offer for her house, to include the books we could just move ourselves and all of our books into her house and ‘Jobs a Good’un’!

Mulling it over!