I went to the NHS meeting on Monday evening with Kate and Uncle Robber.  My Other Half was laid low with gout, he is better now though, an injection into the knee helped, Ouch!

The meeting was very similar to the January one, better organised though and everyone got to bring up at least one worrying (to themselves) issue.  e.g.  “If I have to ring 111, how will they know what is wrong with me?”  Mind reading probably!

Sadly there were many fewer people there, that is probably why the whole thing seemed to flow better.  Although apparently some of the sandwiches, (paid for by us through the NHS) were not up to scratch!

The plans to improve the local services all hinge on funding – which seems to me like juggling jelly.  To change everything around, bring in more professionals, exchange old buildings for new, improve AE departments,  provide less hospital acute beds but more life long treatment at home supported by all the required services will cost more money than is available or even likely to be in the near future!  And should you need any mental health or social services help, that at the moment is a real problem.  Who knew?

And this is just Leicestershire and their 5 year plan.

Really it is rather sad that there weren’t more members of the public there.  Of the 60 there on Monday a good half were allied to the NHS in some way or other.

And a meeting badly advertised, at 6pm on a Monday evening on a school night is bound to be difficult if not down right impossible for most working men and women (even if they knew it was happening),  to attend especially those with children and so the audience was mostly made up of pensioners and with nothing much on the tele and ‘free’ sandwiches, how could they resist?

It is rumoured that when the final draft plan is published (later this year if I properly understood what they were saying),  if the public aren’t in agreement with it, the Powers that Be,  can say hard luck, too late now  because you’ve all had your chances to speak and most of you didn’t bother.

This is another Blog Post that has been hi-jacked by ‘Automatic Writing’.  I was all set to tell you about all the lovely things that I have bought antique-wise  etc.

And instead I am sitting here with the faint strains of ‘Keep the Red Flag Flying High’ as an ear worm and the ghost of my Mother proudly standing over me.  She always was a bit of an agitator!