Re-reading I realise that it has been a very medical week.

Reading through again!  But if I don’t read my past Blogs through every now and again,  I find that I am getting repetitious, who knew?   It is mostly an old people thing, very noticeable in others, not so much when I am doing it.

And I hesitate to say this but tomorrow is another NHS meeting,  part 2,’ The Revenge’.

No, not really,  but the second part of the meeting that we went to a month or so ago at the local golf club with regards to the NHS plan for the local area.

So ‘free sandwiches,  tea/coffee’ and more blether!

Kate is coming with us this time, she is going to live tweet instead of relying on my few cryptic notes written on the back of a crumpled envelope.  Very wise!

And she has registered us properly this time.  Last time I didn’t realise that one had to register for a public meeting, so we joined a long queue of people who obviously didn’t realise either and filled in a whole load paper work whilst they assured us that we would now be informed about the time and date of the next meeting.

Not yet they haven’t, still they have all day tomorrow, perhaps in the morning!

Registering is a Health and Safety necessity,  apparently, so that they can identify the bodies if one of us oldies runs amok, whilst eating the ‘free’ cheese sarnies that we have paid for over all our working lives and that are now costing us ten guineas an ounce!

No more medical then, except maybe tomorrow?

And today I am rather torn between, doing a bit of gardening or going to an Antique Fair.

The resident Blackbird seems to be quite happy pottering about out there so perhaps I will leave him to it and go off for a bit of a ‘Bus Mans Holiday’.