Kate’s 10am appointment at the Hospital turned into a day long marathon however it (fingers crossed) seemed to have been, maybe worth while

They listened, asked pertinent questions made a plan of action, that didn’t entail any of the pills, coils, tablets etc, that have been pushed at her and failed over the previous umpety years.

We had to sacrifice lunch, arrange for my Other Half to pick up Oscar from School and sort out food for us and everyone else when we finally fell through the front door at about 5pm but I am not complaining.  We are hopefully a step further along the way.

Basically they have decided to put her hormones on chemical hold for 4 months and have a look at what they are actually doing.  She was warned that it might be unpleasant at times, like having the Menopause all at once in a short few weeks but it may well be worth it and she was just delighted that at last someone had listened and understood.

That morning the Specialist was running 3/4 hour late and very apologetic when we finally saw her,  then we had to fetch the injections from the Pharmacy, a twenty minute brisk walk to the other end of the Hospital and queue for half an hour.

On the way back we bought sandwiches, in place of the lovely lunch that we had promised ourselves and then sat and waited  in the Emergency Gyny Ward for someone qualified to administer the first injection.

And waited,  they were rushed off their feet, short staffed and as it turned out had no cubicles left to put any one in so the waiting room was full of women most of them in pain, some grey faced and some clutching hot water bottles to their bellies.

Sometime later one of the nurses came and explained that when they opened our sealed box the ampoule was smashed and as the box was totally dry it wasn’t broken recently (so it wasn’t them or us) and they had dispatched a student back to the pharmacy to get it exchanged but that it might take some time!

Finally at about 4 o’clock they gave Kate the first injection, it took 2 minutes and some of those poor women were still sitting in the waiting room, waiting when we left.

We felt rather guilty to have taken up the little space and time that we did, even though it has actually taken my daughter coming up to 20 years to get someone to listen to her and take her seriously and not to automatically hand out the Pill and platitudes!

I wonder if the fact that this has been the first time that Kate has ever seen a woman Specialist/Doctor in all those years has anything to do with the fact that they are actually doing something now?

Maybe just me being cynical again!