That will teach me to be so complacent.  Yesterdays blog came back to bite me on the bum!

Yesterdays Specialist at the hospital was the big Boss, and decided that he needed to check me over from head to toe, and all the corners!  Serves me right.  Reassuring though, he was pleased with me and doesn’t want to see me again for 6 months, Hooray!

And as a reward we spent a pleasant evening at our neighbours house (always a haven of peace and tidiness, unlike my own hit and miss domesticity) drinking Prosecco, which I find I can’t spell – Spellchecker has suggested ‘Prospero’.  I like his Shakespearean style but he obviously doesn’t read his wine bottles before he indulges either.

And today I am off for more NHS excitement with Kate, her turn for some un-dignified examinations today, and with my wealth of recent experience I am just there to hand hold.  We shall both be pleased when it is lunchtime and we can escape for a nice lunch somewhere.

We have to be gone in about 5 minutes to brave the Rush Hour traffic.  Our usual  30 minute journey  across the County to Kates could take an hour and a half at this time of day.  Just think that if we were serious about it and it was an hour later, in that time we could be in London, or drinking coffee in Stratford, home of the Bard, or well on the way to Wales!

I would like all or any of the above, just have to save them for another day.