We are supposed to be going treasure-seeking this morning.  ‘Runway Monday’ at Newark but I am ‘chickening’ out, the weather is damp/wet with a sharp breeze and how many dealers will there be braving this weather tough though they are I can’t imagine?

They are all outside stalls,  up and down the runways, so there probably aren’t going to be that many books and bits of interesting paper that haven’t got soaked/ wet through or just plain blown away on the wind.  Glass and pottery doesn’t care about the weather and old furniture is often improved by a bit of damp – it tightens up the joints and washes off the dust of ages but paper no!   That is how they invented ‘Papier Mache’ you know,  we will go another day.

And my Other Half has a touch of gout again.  He is very prone to it, in spite of being a man of ‘Puritan’ tastes.  Almost teetotal, not keen on rich food, doesn’t eat a lot of cake not like me then and I don’t get gout but it is in the genes you know, inherited from his Dad.  I got a touch of arthritis and a cynical way of looking at the world from mine!

So we have a Monday to ourselves, a bonus really as the rest of the weeks calendar is rather full.

Later I shall light the fire and we can have Macaroni Cheese for tea, always a crowd pleaser!