I am feeling quite proud of myself.  I think that I have conquered the annoying technology of the camera and managed to cook a full golden and crispy with lovely gravy roast dinner on the not quite so new as it was cooker.

Hooray for me!  Although I am quite aware that pride comes before a fall so I am writing this with my fingers crossed.  Not easy but probably necessary for the next little while.  I don’t want my luck to run out too soon.

And, yes there is more, I have sorted out a whole boxful of stuff to take to our next Fair at Peterborough although we still haven’t unloaded the Kia from the last Fair at Stafford.  But slowly, slowly, we usually get it all done in the end, if only by the skin of our teeth.  So I am a bit in front of myself, at least for now.

I went to the opticians yesterday and I am pleased to say that my eyes haven’t deteriorated too much and I can keep the same prescription, at least for another 12 months.  But just as I thought I could escape and get some shopping done they decided that I should just do what they called a ‘Fields Test’ to check my periphery vision, never had that done before but said okay.  A nightmare, and it took forever and I failed and have to go again next week to do it all over again.

If you have never had one the machine resembles a computer monitor.  You rest your head on the bar above the screen and focus with one eye covered on the red dot in the middle of the screen and then press the button each time you notice what they called a dot.  After about 10 minutes I realised that what they called a dot was a tiny flash on the grey screen so I had missed probably dozens of them and apparently you have to get about 60 of them and then you swap to the other eye and do it all again!

I failed dismally, for a start I was looking for a coloured dot, not a flash which I just thought were interference on the tape,  silly I know but that’s me.  Then after what seemed like forever I kept forgetting to concentrate and after a couple of minutes of worrying about where I had put the shopping list I realised that I had missed a whole load more.  And waking up this morning I have a faint bruise on my forehead from where I rested my head on the bar.

We all sighed when I stood at Reception making another appointment, me, the optician and the receptionist and they watched me out the door making sure that they had got rid of me for at least another week.

Do I need periphery vision? I have cataracts, I can’t see anyway,  I have almost given up driving altogether still I suppose if someone is creeping up on me it is good to know.  They might be out to steal my handbag not that I ever carry one these days and when I did it was usually full of old lists and receipts and small packets of salt and the odd useful pencil that I pocketed from Ikea!