Woke up this morning and thought “Oh no, thick fog” then I realised that it was brilliant sunshine trying to get through the mucky bedroom windows.  So guess what is on the top of my to-do list, doesn’t mean they will get done soon though.   All my lists are on a constant revolve.

But how nice to see even a glimmer of the sunshine, and opening the curtains yesterday a rather sleepy Ladybird dropped onto the window-sill, all signs of Spring.  The days are really noticeably drawing out now and at the end of this month we alter the clocks, forward, how cool is that?

I know that we probably have more winter weather to come yet, I am not going to even think about that, I am busy enjoying what we have now.

And tonight we are out with Uncle Robber and Kate, for a lovely meal with good company, how nice.

A really lovely day to use up, I am off to do stuff and things etc!