Just been talking to Kate (daughter).  She spent all yesterday morning at a meeting about the NHS locally.

She got involved with the whole thing when she was campaigning to keep her GP’s surgery open, probably 18 months ago, to no avail I must add here and now the Surgery that the ‘Powers that Be’ transferred her to is under threat of closure too but that is the norm for around here, Leicester,  Leicestershire and probably the rest of the country as well.

Her meeting yesterday was also about the norm, lack of beds, staff, too many Pensioners, what to do/not to do about Mental Health, lack of Social Care and etc.  Full of Acronyms and repetition and the ill-informed.  Usually working on out of date figures and usually fearing to tread off of the well beaten path.

And these people will happily sit around a table and discuss things ‘ad infinitum’ unless prodded with a big stick,  that is generally as far as it goes.  She took a stick with her and maybe things are moving on – slowly!

For a Pensioner, I sound as if I know what I am talking about don’t I?

But then I’ve been to a few meetings myself in my life time and what I would like to remind “The Professionals” so-called of any of the things that are to do with us (and in this sense meaning the general population)  that just because one becomes old not necessarily are we all daft!

And to any Pensioners out there a gentle reminder, you have to start joining in at least some these debates now, not wait until you are in dire need.

Read everything, listen to all, question all and believe some not all of it, be cynical like me.

Don’t stop joining in just because you are old!