Bowman’s Antique Fair at Stafford Showground has been a good natured affair for us.  Nice chatty customers and generally fun.  And we have taken money, the object of the exercise after all.

To fill in a bit of a space where a couple of dealers have not been able to come, we have moved around the Hall again and are in a new spot.  I quite like a bit of a change and as a bonus we often, as this weekend pick up a few new customers who haven’t noticed us before,  Though how you can miss the glow of massed iridised glass I am not sure!

We took good money on Friday, although we tend to whisper about it.  Just in case that has to stretch to cover the next two days.  You never know, predicting customers and their whims is like trying to catch a rainbow and there have been some Fairs where we haven’t in the end covered our costs,  our turn this time though and makes up for Oadby where we took very little money.

Thank you Gods of Antiques, we are grateful