I didn’t get a lie-in this morning either.

We went to Donnington Market, Antiques, Collectibles, house clearance etc. Opens at 7am and packing up by 12 noon and very delightful it all was too in spite of the early-ness!

Lots of nice people to gossip to and lots of things to tempt us.  Although sadly no Carnival Glass for my Other Half  but as I always do there,  I bought well.

And tempted as I was, I didn’t buy dozens of large cartwheel sized fashion hats that one of the stalls had and they were so cheap, £10/£20, and a case full of felt cloche hats, and another of fascinators, so tempted!

Really they wouldn’t meld well with my creased and dingy denim look that I have perfected over the years and if I suddenly break out into large hats and brocade a-la-Barbara Stanwick,  the kids would have me put away instantly and who would blame them?

So I bought my usual, a variety of old books and tatty bits of paper and left for someone else all the things, Chinese wood cut wooden stamps and the most delightful Danish Ceramic Bowl and of course the hats,  that I am still lusting after.  Always the way.

On the way home we dropped into the garden centre.  I am wanting Meadow Grass, about half a kilo, all they could offer me was lawn grass seed at 10 guineas an ounce or meadow flowers for about the same price for a few grams.

I just want to turn the old veg patch at the bottom of the garden into a wild meadow for the birds and bees, who knew that it would be so difficult.  I felt sure that where the posh Garden Centre failed the little hardware shop in the village might succeed but apparently I am too late, Autumn is the time to sow Meadows and all he can offer me now is Clover!

I have ordered some seed off the internet, not ever so cheap but exactly what I want and it will be here in 2 days time,  hooray!