My writing isn’t coming this morning.  I have written and deleted several times,  everything seems a bit forced and contrived.

Normally I can sit here and just gossip, not today though!

Maybe it is because I am half way through a page-turner of a book, A Chief Inspector Gamache Thriller written by Louise Penny.  It is called ‘A Great Reckoning’

The latest book in a very compelling series.  I find them beautiful and dreadful, hard to read because they are so cruel.  I put off starting them, then I can’t put them down.  If you are tempted, they are worth reading if this is your genre but read them in order.

And spread over the house in no particular order are things queuing up all waiting to be packed and taken to Stafford Showground next Thursday.  I want to take them all but then I don’t/can’t.

My Other Half is being far more decisive, and has that rather smug smile that makes me want to scream, apparently he just needs to find a couple of show stopper pieces and he has done.

I just want to go back to bed with my book!