Just waiting for my toast to pop, so I thought that I would sit here and ……………….

Refilled my coffee cup whilst  buttering the toast and making an executive decision to have Marmite.  I will suffer the joys of indigestion but some days it is worth it, who wants wimpy jam?

Ersatz bread as well but someone has to eat the odd slices that have escaped into the depths of the bread bin and to be honest – I love white sliced factory made bread with lashings of proper butter topped with tomato ketchup or maybe Worcester Sauce or maybe just naked butter.

Enough of my decadence, time to get down to business.

I have been putting off unloading from the last Antique fair just because I love being able to walk across the hall floor. It is the small joys that please me.  Still sacrifices have to be made, the teetering heaps of stuff need to be sorted otherwise I shall be hysterical by next Thursday when we set of for Bowman’s three-day Fair at Stafford.

And I must hoover out all the toast crumbs from my keyboard before my Son-in-law, the ‘Guru’ of our computer finesse next drops in. He can be quite grumpy sometimes!