29 years ago today my Dad died.  He had been ill for years, a gradual dying.  He wanted to live for ever, just to see what happened next.  He had an insatiable curiosity about the world and people.  I wonder what he would have made of todays world?

He was an ‘old fashioned gentleman’, totally bemused by his three daughters and fiercely independent wife and modern life, always happiest in his garden or fishing his beloved river.

Like all young we kicked over the traces and went our own ways but largely what he taught us kept us safe and thanks to him (and my Mother, a force unto herself) we turned out reasonably nice people (most of the time) and managed to pass on to our children and children’s children some of his down to earth practicality and kindly caring ethos.

March 3rd,  29 years ago was a beautiful Spring day, all blue skies and dancing Daffodils but I thought the world was ending.

It wasn’t and didn’t, life changes constantly.

‘Constant testing’ is what my Kate would say.