We are going to Melton Market this morning.  Only about half an hour down the road but you either have to get up and out at about 7am or leave setting off until after 9am.  Otherwise you get caught up in all the rush hour traffic and it can take an hour just to get away from Leicester.

My Other Half loves to go and search for bargains,  I am not always in the mood to go with him but today I have dusted off my winter boots and sorted out my shopping bags.

It is a good old-fashioned Farmers Market in the true sense of the word,

You can buy anything from a tractor to a herd of cows, a clutch of chicks to a roll of wire.  Pots and pans, sacks of seeds or loaves of bread.

And amongst all the other stuff are stalls of junk, always worth a trawl through, you never know there just might be a gem amongst the dross.

An old family saying is ‘You have to kiss a lot of Frogs before you find a Prince’.  So true!