Our neighbours, next door but one, Margaret and Paul are here chopping some logs for us.  Part of a complicated deal involving the sharing of the two trees that we have just had chopped down and a good price on a set of 6 Ruby wine glasses.  We have the wood and glass they have the technology (chainsaw).  The barter system working well!

And although I feel badly about them providing the muscle, they are younger than us by about 10 years, therefore 10 years quicker and always more able, and apart from all that I feel that letting us loose with a chainsaw would be madness.

When we were first married we lived on the edge of a Farm.  The Farmer used to drop us off any trees that he had to fell and didn’t want.  It used to take us weeks to saw and chop them into pieces that we could use.  We were grateful but we have never been known for our do-it-yourself prowess in any form.

And we have not improved with age, although that is not strictly true, now we generally know  what wants doing and who to go to and we can change light bulbs for ourselves!