And breathe!

The Cooker was delivered and fitted by the same rather bemused couple of men who brought the rogue one a few weeks ago.They run a separate business, contracted to fit and supply,  to the Shop we bought it off and so knew nothing of our travails of recent weeks and were amazed to be bringing another new stove to an address that they recognised.

And it seems to be working, although yesterday I  only had time to finished off a boiled ham in the oven.   Today we shall test vigorously, scones and cake with fingers crossed.  Lets hope it is not tears before bed time!

And in between clock watching yesterday we unloaded the car from the last Antique Fair at Stafford and almost finished re-loading  for the Field Dog Antique Fair at The Kube, Oadby Race Course, on Sunday.

I always find a One Day-er harder to load for than the longer Fairs.  I have so many lovely things but common sense says don’t take it all otherwise we spend more time packing and unpacking than we do selling.  And so I have to choose, very difficult.  It would be so much easier if the Customers could send us a note telling us what they were going to be looking for.

Time to get moving the coffee pot is empty and the Man has just arrived to chop down a couple of trees.  I can hear the buzzing of the chainsaw hopefully letting in a bit more light and maybe, one day soon, even sunshine!