It is no good, I can’t be calm and rational!

I have been up since  silly-o’clock, ridiculous really.

Today the new (replacement for the new one that doesn’t work) cooker should be delivered and they are supposed to be ringing us with a time and I knew that they would never call at 7-ish but now , getting on for 10 o’clock I am all of a ‘dather’ and clock watching, a very bad move indeed.

And I really want the whole long sorry cooker saga resolved today.  I do not want it to draggle on.

I just want to be able to make a batch of scones and a sponge cake for when the grandchildren come on Friday. Not a lot to ask really, especially at a cost of almost £1000 and weeks of aggravation.

I do not want to have to ring up the Supplier and have another silly conversation and have to try very hard not turn into a ‘Shrieking Virago’!

I can hear my Mother’s voice in my ears from long ago “Keep calm, be a Lady, don’t descend to their level” but it is hard, and getting more difficult the longer that I watch the clock.

My Other Half, usually the voice of reason, although even his patience is wearing thin, will have to deal with it whilst I lock myself away with my fingers in my ears, La-La-La-La…….

Bet my Blood Pressure is a bit high this morning!